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What exactly is Rich Media?

Do you know how fast the media world has changed? When was the last time that you read a text ad with words; viewed a display ad with pictures; or enjoyed a multimedia ad with animation? And did you realised that the consumers’ needs have changed? They want ad that contains plenty of pictures and videos which allows multiple user interaction. They want ad that can respond to their clicks and are fun to engage with.

Touching Technology. A businessman with moving images.

Touching Technology. A businessman with moving images.

Rich media is interactive multimedia that provides multiple levels of content in one placement: words, pictures, audio, videos, and interactivity. Rich media also provides strong user interactivity via games, polling and surveys, and many more ways to involve an audience.

Conventional text ads sell with words, and display ads sell with pictures. Rich Media ads offer innovative and fun ways to involve an audience with an ad. Advertising agencies may create complex ads that will be able to elicit strong response from audience. A Rich Media ad can contain picture or video and involves some forms of interaction with the audience. The initial load of a Rich Media ad is approximately 40K in file size. By means of Adobe Flash or HTML5 technology, rich media ads can also include cascading levels of content in one placement: videos, games, tweets, contests, polls, surveys, any many more. The ad does allow expansion, floating, peeling down, etc. when mouse rollover.

Be it a simple objective to generate clicks or a more ambitious goal to create brand awareness,  Rich Media is the kind of format go with.

Chiew Chin Pheng Senior Lecturer School of IT, Digital Media and Mass Communication TMC Academy


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