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Pre-departure Guide

Pre-Departure Checklist

  • Receive TMC Offer Letter and Student Contract

  • Receive Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA)’s In Principal Approval Letter (IPA) upon payment of the $60 Student’s Pass Issuance fee and $30 Multiple-Entry visa fee for some nationality

  • Make travel arrangement to Singapore; inform TMC of date and time of arrival; carrier and accommodation

  • Request for airport pickup service, if required (booking needs to be received 2 weeks prior to arrival)

  • Request for accommodation service, if required (booking needs to be received 2 weeks prior to arrival)

  • Arrival in Singapore for Orientation (approximately 1 week before class commencement to attend orientation activities and to complete medical examination and student pass formalities)

Upon Arrival Arrangement
  • Arrange for flight to Singapore

  • Travel from Changi Airport to Accommodation

  • Report to TMC upon arrival for briefing

  • Take the English Placement test if required

  • Undergo medical checkup as arranged by TMC

  • Completion of student pass formalities

  • Attend student orientation activities and programme briefings

  • Commencement of class

Upon Arrival Pickup

International students who are arriving in Singapore for the first time can opt for the complimentary pickup service and be met by a TMC representative at the Singapore Changi Airport to be taken to the hostel or preferred choice of accommodation.

If you require such assistance, please complete the Accommodation and Airport Pickup form to be emailed to the Student Admissions department. Alternatively, email us at for more details.

We will need to receive your request 2 weeks prior to your arrival.

Alternatively, the taxi service in Singapore is plentiful and you could arrange to travel to your accommodation by taxi if you have not arranged for airport pickup. Please bring sufficient Singapore currency to pay for the taxi fare.

Housing and Accommodation

TMC assists students to settle down comfortably in Singapore by offering complimentary accommodation placement service in hostels and home stay for new students.

If you require accommodation assistance, please contact our student admission staff for assistance.  

Students are advised to commit to the arrangement after the students pass application is approved.

Living Expenses

Singapore enjoy high standard of living. The estimated minimum monthly expenses for a full-time international student are as follows

Accommodation – quad room sharing in hostel: S$650 – 800

Food: S$350

Transport: S$150

Personal Expenses: S$200

Total (Monthly): S$1350 – 1500

Total (Annually): S$16,200 – 18,000

Medical Examination

All new international students must undergo a medical examination as required in the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) In-principal approval letter. The medical report must be submitted to the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) in order to complete the student pass formalities before the student pass can be issued.

You need to register with the staff at the Student Admissions section upon arrival for our pre-arranged medical appointment.

You will need to prepare about $50 – $80 (inclusive of 9% GST) for medical cost to be paid directly to the medical centre.

Student Life

An exciting and enriching student life awaits all new international students at TMC. Students from more than 20 countries meet and study in our campus attending lectures, tutorials, guided learning sessions, enrichment courses and engaging in independent research and discussions.

Students are also exposed to an exciting array of activities such as TMC Idol competition, basketball and soccer competitions,

TMC Faces of the year as well as charitable and festival celebrations as organised by TMC Student Club.

Full-time international students must spend 3 hours in the school 5 days a week.

Student Support

We provide the following one-stop service:

  • Application of student pass

  • Airport pickup and accommodation placement service

  • Arrangement for medical checkup

  • Conversion of student pass

  • Student Orientation

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