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Welcome Message

Allow me to introduce myself as the appointed CEO of TMC Academy, and I am truly delighted to embark on this exciting journey with such a prestigious academic institution. I am eager to guide TMC Academy towards even greater accomplishments.

Having previously founded and served as the CEO of another esteemed educational establishment, my over four decades of experience in the education industry equip me with a forward-thinking approach and a commitment to delivering top-notch, globally recognized education standards to our students at TMC Academy.

Since its establishment in 1981, TMC Academy has been a trailblazer in private education, proudly earning the coveted 4-year EduTrust Certification from the Committee for Private Education (CPE) in 2010, placing it among the first six private education institutions (PEIs) to receive such recognition.

We continuously update our curriculum to align with industry demands, fostering strong ties with industry associations and organizations to offer our students abundant opportunities for both learning and networking. This ensures that our students acquire real-world skills that extend beyond the confines of the classroom.

CEO of TMC Academy

In line with our commitment to lifelong learning and facilitating mid-career transitions, our courses are available in part-time mode for flexible learning. Additionally, we provide professional qualifications and training courses to enhance skills development.

Putting student welfare at the forefront, our dedicated Student Services team is committed to providing unwavering support, ensuring our students can pursue their studies with peace of mind.

At TMC Academy, we stand by the motto "Every Step with You" in your educational journey. We aspire to be your steadfast partner in achieving your academic dreams, and we eagerly anticipate the opportunity to welcome you as a valued member of the TMC community.

Mr John Lee
TMC Academy

Welcome from the
TMC Academy Chairman

Welcome to TMC Academy,

Recognizing the dynamic and competitive nature of our contemporary world, I acknowledge that an individual's future success hinges significantly on the breadth and excellence of their education. Beyond acquiring well-founded studies and widely recognized qualifications, it is imperative to distinguish oneself in the crowd. Thus, the decision to pursue higher education is undoubtedly one of the most impactful choices you will ever make, shaping both personal development and the trajectory of your career.


For four decades, TMC Academy has been dedicated to delivering top-notch courses tailored to the evolving needs of our students, sourced from accredited institutions. We take pride in our achievements and remain steadfast in our commitment to not only nurturing students' knowledge, skills, and intellectual values but also producing graduates ready to contribute to the advancement and prosperity of society. Opting to study with us is a strategic investment in your future success.


TMC Academy offers a diverse array of high-quality professional development and academic programs, intricately linked to industry demands and developed in collaboration with esteemed partners. Our faculty members are meticulously chosen based on their subject expertise and dedication, with continuous evaluation through performance reviews and student feedback. Moreover, our state-of-the-art facilities create an optimal environment for your academic pursuits.


A warm welcome to TMC Academy, and I wish you the best of luck on your educational journey.


Professor Tim Boatswain
Chairman “TMC Academy”

Professor Tim Boatswain
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