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TMC Student Feature: The Pursuit in Understanding Human Behaviour

Updated: Jan 28, 2023

While browsing at a local career and education fair more than 3 years ago, Ho Han Lin chanced upon TMC Academy’s booth and embarked on his learning journey in the field of Psychology. From a Graduate Diploma of Psychology, Han Lin progressed to a Psychology Degree awarded by the University of Northampton (UK), and has recently graduated with First Class Honours. In this article, Han Lin shares his learning intent and his part time schooling days (or rather nights) at TMC with us.


Ho Han Lin, First Class Honours - Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Psychology, University of Northampton (UK)

TMC: Why did you decide to pursue your studies in the field of Psychology?

Han Lin (HL): I’ve an interest in understanding human behavior and I believe that through this programme, I’m able to learn more about the motivation behind every action.

TMC: How did this programme from TMC stand out from the other schools you were considering?

HL: Besides the accessibility in travelling to school due to its central location, there were also subsidies available, like the SAFRA scholarship, which helped me financially.

TMC: Share a memorable experience in class/ school and how was it special and meaningful to you?

HL: During one of the modules in a research class, we were told to plan and conduct an experiment. The process and result was meaningful as it prompted me to think deeper and consider the factors to why people behaved in certain ways.

TMC: What are some of your favourite subjects and why? How do you think these subjects will be relevant or useful for your future and career?

HL: I enjoyed the Cognitive Psychology, Abnormal Psychology and Research modules. Not only did I enrich my knowledge about human behavior, I’m also able to further seek a career in the related fields.

TMC: What did you learn in TMC and how has that changed your life?

HL: The Psychology programme allowed me to have a deeper understanding of how people function. For example, there is always stigma towards people with mental disabilities. However, during the learning journey at TMC, I learnt that there are underlying factors that causes a person to behave that way. It helps me to be less fearful to approach people with mental disabilities.

From left: Dr Austin Ang (TMC Academy School of Psychology, Senior Lecturer) and Han Lin

Han Lin being interviewed at TMC Academy Graduation Ceremony 2018

TMC: What are your ambitions and plans in the future?

"I plan to pursue a career in the research field, not only to enrich my knowledge in understanding human behavior, but also to help the public develop a deeper understanding with the findings that can be achieved through research."

– Ho Han Lin

TMC: Share with us your opinions on the importance of education.

HL: Education is important because knowledge is power. With knowledge, more people can be helped and there would be lesser stigma towards the disadvantaged in the society.

TMC: Anyone you would like to thank who inspired or helped you during your course of study?

HL: My learning journey started with a pure interest in wanting to understand human behaviour. However, along the way, my lecturers and classmates influenced me to further my studies in this field. I would like to thank my lecturers who guided me with their unwavering patience, and motivated me to continue my studies. I’m also thankful to my helpful classmates who allowed me to learn from their perspectives during class discussions.


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