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Student Club and Alumni

TMC Student Club

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Experience an enriching, vibrant and active campus-life through the activities organised by the student club.

As a TMC student, you are already a MEMBER of the TMC Student Club! Sign up for student club activities by sending us an  email !


The TMC Student Club was set up in 2006 to develop the students holistically and enrich students’ learning experiences. It provides students with the opportunity to participate and organise exciting and meaningful activities for the TMC student body and have a more balanced, enhanced and vibrant campus life.



The Student Club Student Executive Committee (Student EXCO) works closely with the Student Club Staff Executive Committee (Staff EXCO), the Student Club members and the TMC student body to provide:

  • a vibrant community for the student body

  • an interesting schedule of student-led events and activities opportunities for students to explore various interests

  • opportunities for students to gain hands-on experience to plan and organise activities, manage people and resources and cultivate leadership qualities as well as develop leadership potential inculcate TMC’s values to the student body.


TMC Alumni











Here at TMC Academy, we value relationships and see ourselves as a family that constantly supports and stands by one another, in line with one of our core values: Harmony.

We wish to connect with all our local and international graduates. In this regard, TMC Alumni strives to foster affinity with all our graduates, forge long-lasting friendships among the alumni as well as help members maintain connections.

Our mission is to provide a platform for the alumni to:

  • maintain close links with TMC Academy and ex-classmates

  • provide opportunities to forge new friendships and establish business relationships

  • expand resource pool for TMC Academy, students and alumni to tap on


Join TMC Alumni to retain your student privileges with our partnering merchants, and gain exclusive access to talks, events and promotions specially planned for the alumni. Register here!

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