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TMC Student Feature: My Vibrant School Days

Updated: Feb 2, 2023

We first met Fadhilla Adzani as a member of the TMC Student Club, where she was involved in organising school events. Her spontaneous and cheerful disposition then landed her a spot in a school photo shoot, and she has since volunteered to participate in several student video production projects. Fadhilla, our Higher Diploma Business Studies with International Business student, is clearly an avid learner who is keen on making the best out of her time here at TMC Academy.


Fadhilla Adzani - Higher Diploma Business Studies with International Business, TMC Academy

TMC: Why did you choose to pursue your studies in the field of business?

Fadhilla (F): Business is very interesting to me. There are constantly new things to learn and besides, I’ve always wanted to open my own business.

TMC: What do you like most about studying at TMC?

"I love the environment at TMC. It didn’t take me long to get used to studying here as the warm and friendly environment makes you feel comfortable."

– Fadhilla

A token of appreciation for Fadhilla, our Student Club Committee member, for her hard work!

TMC: Share with us a memorable experience in school, and why is this special or meaningful to you?

F: I feel very lucky that I had the opportunity to meet lots of amazing people during my studies here. I made friends with lots of people from different countries and learned new things about their cultures.

TMC: What are some of your favourite subjects, and how do you think they will be relevant for your future?

F: I find the business communication subject very interesting because I learned about different types of communication and how important it is in the business industry. Once, the teacher explained about non-verbal communication, something that people don’t normally pay attention to. However, body language is important in communication, as body language has a very strong influence on how people perceive you and this made me realise that I should be aware of this in the future.

Student club members speaking to local entrepreneurs in nEbO Yes! Symposium

TMC: What did you learn in TMC Academy and how has that changed your life?

F: I learned about responsibility. As a student, I’m responsible to submit my assignments on time, I’m responsible for all my projects and assignments, I’m responsible of my actions, I’m responsible for my studies and I’m responsible for myself. I learned how to manage myself and I learned to adapt to situations and make decisions on my own, which taught me to be independent.

TMC: What are your ambitions and plans in the future?

F: I will complete my business degree at TMC first, before looking for a job- maybe in another country.

Fadhilla took on the videographer role in the TMC-IPRS video project for Muscular Dystrophy Association Singapore (MDAS)

TMC: Share with us about your views on the importance of education.

F: There is never ‘enough’ of education. Education gives us knowledge of the world around us and helps us to make things better. It gives us a perspective of life and helps us form opinions.

TMC: Anyone you would like to thank that inspired you most in your life?

F: I would like to thank both my parents for everything that they have done for me. I’m always inspired by their hard work to provide what’s best for their kids. Thank you for making be believe that I’m capable of anything in this world, and guiding me through everything.

TMC x Financial Planning Association of Singapore (FPAS) - Certified Financial Planner (CFP) Awareness Video Project

TMC: Any special shout out to people who have helped you during your course of study at TMC?

F: I would like to thank all my lecturers. Mr Raymond, who has helped me and guided me with his advice. Mr Ashok, who has patiently taught me accounting and statistics even though I once told him I wanted to give up. I remember him telling me, “No, Fadhilla, you can do it. Don’t give up.” Thank you for believing in me, sir. Mr Winston, who has always been super friendly and caring. And lastly, to all the staff in TMC who has been very helpful and nice during my studies here. Thank you all.


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