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Student Contract

It is a mandatory requirement by the CPE that all students, both local and international, sign the Student Contract with TMC upon the acceptance of the offer made by TMC during the Admission Process.

Note : Student Contract will not be required for non-award programmes with duration less than 50 hours or 1 month.

The Student Contract serves to minimise future disputes and hence has to be completely understood by students prior to enrolment. Information on the Student Contract is communicated to students throughout our various communication channels including our website.

Students should understand the terms and conditions stated within the contract and be aware of the following:

  • No Course Fee payments should be made before signing the contract.

  • 2 original copies of the contract should be signed, with 1 copy kept by students.

  • There should be no more amendments on the contract after signing, unless both TMC and students sign beside the amendments made.

Please refer to the Committee for Private Education (CPE) website to view the standard Student Contracts and advisory notes to students.

Click here for Student Contract

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