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Student Contract

TMC Academy undertakes the responsibility to ensure that all students have a duly executed Standard Student Contract. The Standard Student Contract is a legally binding document hence it is important that students understood all the terms and conditions of the Standard Student Contract prior to signing, including the cooling off period of 10 working days, the breakdown of all fees, non-refundable fees, discounts / rebates, grants and funding. Information on the Student Contract is communicated to students throughout our various communication channels including our website.


  1. No course fee payment should be made prior to signing student contract

  2. All students would need to have a duly executed Standard Student Contract for each individual course

  3. There should be no more amendments on the contract after signing, unless both TMC and students acknowledge any amendments made to the Standard Student Contract or via signing Addendum.

Please refer to the Committee for Private Education (CPE) website to view the standard Student Contracts and advisory notes to students.

To view student contract, kindly click here

To view student contract, kindly click here.

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