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Management Team

The members of the Management Team include:

  • Mr. John Lee Chin Weng, Chief Executive Officer

  • Ms. Jelen Almero Mendoza, Chief Financial Officer

  • Mr. Prateek Nayak, Director of Business Development

  • Mr. David Tan, Director of International Office

  • Ms Malgorzata Maria Kucmierczyk, Academic Director

  • Ms. Citra Darmawan, Management Representative


Ms. Malgorzata Maria Kucmierczyk

Academic Director

Ms. Malgorzata, our Academic Director – received her Master’s in Tourism and Leisure, from University of Physical Education in Cracow.

She has held, and is still passionate to bring about service beyond her field of work. Her Optimism earns her a remarkable respected role, having been in various positions in the industry, pertaining to both the Hospitality and Educational field.


Mr. John Lee Chin Weng

Chief Executive Officer

Mr. John Lee joined the company as Chief Executive Officer on 14 February 2018. Prior to TMC Academy, he founded TEG International College in 1991 and transformed it from a simple Language School into a regional education organisation. Mr John Lee has vast experience in the education industry since 1978, especially in the area of transnational education. Through his extensive networks, he has set up collaborations with several established institutions in Myanmar, Vietnam and China.


Ms. Jelen Almero Mendoza

Chief Financial Officer

Ms. Jelen, an experienced accountant in education industry, joined TMC in March 2018 as a Group Accountant. She had been a Group accountant of a 4-year Edutrust Certified PEI for 7 years before joining TMC. She graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Accountancy from Central Philippine University in the Philippines.


Mr. Prateek Nayak

Director of Business Development

Nayak is a seasoned professional with a robust background in the education industry, boasting extensive experience in business development, university partnerships, and sales and marketing. With a career spanning numerous years, Prateek has consistently demonstrated his expertise in fostering collaborations between educational institutions, driving business growth, and implementing effective marketing strategies. His dynamic skill set positions him as a versatile leader, contributing significantly to the advancement and success of organizations within the education sector.


Mr. David Tan

Director of International Office

Mr David Tan has been in the education and recruitment industry for more than 25 years. Throughout his extensive experience specialising in education and recruitment sector, he has successfully helped many of the PEI Schools expanded into the South East Asia Market


Ms. Citra Darmawan

Management Representative / Senior Manager – Academic Services

Ms. Citra obtained her Bachelor of Arts from National University of Singapore.
Since she joined TMC Academy in 2011, she has involved in various operation within Registrar Office division, ranging from Student Services, Course Planning, Examination and Quality Assurance. Throughout her many years of service in TMC, she went through a number of audit and gained valuable knowledge and experience. She is well versed in Company’s internal processes as well as external regulatory bodies’ compliance.

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