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Entrepreneurs & ICT Graduates inspiring Today’s Learners and ICT Professionals



Infocomm Development Authority (IDA) told The Straits Times on 08 February 2016 that, about 15,000 Infocomm technology (ICT) job vacancies could not be filled and by next year another 15,000 specialists may be required in the fields such as cyber security, data analytics and application development demand for more professionals. Amid the Smart Nation push, Singapore may find itself short of nearly 30,000 ICT professionals by year 2017.  Small and medium-sized enterprises said they are even now struggling to find IT specialists. Thus, TMC Academy is committed in preparing industry ready graduates and continuously helping Singapore workforce remain employable through lifelong learning.

Education is a lifelong process and therefore anytime anywhere access to education is the need. It is also a necessity of the society that the individuals should possess technological literacy. This emphasises for a huge increase in demand for fresh, new aptitudes, and new talents with ICT literacy.  Contrary to the general perception about intelligent university dropouts are with big ideas, it is concluded in a recent study that innovators and entrepreneurs actually tend to be experienced and educated.  In the recent study which is based on a survey concluded that more than 900 people were associated with meaningful and marketable recent innovations. Examples may include founder of the Facebook, Baidu, Microsoft and many more.

Mark Elliot Zuckerberg is an American computer programmer, Internet entrepreneur, and philanthropist. He is the chairman, chief executive, and co-founder of the social networking website Facebook. Mark studied psychology and Computer Science.

Robin Li Yanhong found Baidu with Eric Xu Yong, the most popular search engine in China. He enrolled at Peking University where he studied information management and earned a Bachelor of Science degree.  Mr Li went to The State University of New York in the US and received his Master of Science in Computer Science degree.

Bill Gates graduated from Lakeside School, and was a National Merit Scholar. Gates devised an algorithm for pancake sorting as a solution to one of a series of unsolved problems presented in a combinatorics class by Harry Lewis, one of his professors. His solution was later formalized in a published paper in collaboration with Harvard computer scientist Christos Papadimitriou.

Dalphne Lim Gu Xuan is proud to be the most recent graduate from TMC who pursued the University of Greenwich, BSc (Hons) Computing degree. She is currently working in a local web development SME Company as a project manager. She was employed within 6 months of graduating from the University of Greenwich programme.

These inspiring individuals show the need of education and Infocomm technology to define a technological career in myriad of industries. TMC Academy is committed in producing wholesome graduates, empowering learners and engaging minds through the use of myriad teaching and learning approaches. We focus in developing global talents for the business, banking, finance and Infocomm industries. As ICT will always be a key driver in the way we live, work, study, communicate, interact, learn and play in Singapore, we are committed to produce a highly-skilled and specialised workforce. So, visit us and know more about our ICT programmes.

We also have an open job opportunity for Software Engineer!

Preethi Kesavan

Dean, School of Information Technology, Digital Media, and Mass Communication

TMC Academy


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