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New Year’s Resolution


There are only three more days away; we will be celebrating another new year.  Besides celebrating it, each of us should also think about how to spend your precious time meaningfully during the year of goat. Hence, we would like to set new year’s resolution before it comes knocking at our door.

Do you know what new year’s resolution is?   It is a set plan for a person to follow and achieve the expected result. Setting it is so easy but to carry it out and achieve the expected result may not be so easy without hurdle along the way.  Kicking an addictive habit of smoking or gambling will be the good example.

And why people set resolution knowing that it may not be able to achieve it at the end? This goes to the saying – fail to plan is plan to fail. It is better to have certain way to follow rather than sailing to nowhere despite a high degree of failure. There are many success stories of people succeeded in their effort in doing something or refraining from doing something. It depends so much on individual and how SMART (stands for specific, measurable, achievable, reachable and timing) is your resolution.

Therefore, I strongly urge each one of us sets our own new year’s resolution and with your determination and strong willpower, I am confident that you will make your own resolution materialised before this new year ends.

Ng Choon Lai Ex-Senior Lecturer School of Business and Law TMC Academy

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