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Jobs of 21st Century

Dr Gill explained on the evolution of job functions and industries, how it effected the employers and employees. As the technology has empowered our lives, he also shared we should embrace and equip ourselves for a better career in 21st century.

“Interesting. This talk has helped me to expand my choice of jobs and how to choose my career wisely” – Nadia Sarif

“Excellent coordinated lecture and interesting. It was full of information with multiple perspective. This talk has offered many stumulative insights, benefited with a spotlight thrown our changes, demands and coping strategies to face it.” – Ravindran Ramkumar.

“Informative and interesting.” – Kesline Lim

“The whole analysis is very accurate. I have a further understanding on how to choose a proper job in the next few years” – Chen Wen Wen.

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