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Is working environment important to us?

What is working environment?  If you ask this question to the working people, you are likely to get quite similar answers to this question with very slight variation. It simply means those things and people around your working place and affecting you.

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The next question we would like to ask is “is this environment important to us when we are working in and around it? I think no one dares to say that it is not important. Just think for yourself, we are spending about one third or more of our daily time in this environment. Hence, how come it is not important to us?

What are in the working environment? It includes equipment and people. Equipment such as machines, stationary items, and other facilities that used to facilitate us to carry out our work. For the people, they involves colleagues, customers and those people who are related to your nature of work.

After having aware of what is working environment and agreed that it is important. The next question is why it so important and how to overcome it adverse impact on us as working people. As I mentioned it earlier on, we spent one third or more of our time in our working environment. If you can’t enjoy or accommodate to your working environment, you will be very miserable and affected your health due to mental stress or other unbearable substances you are shouldering them.

Can we choose our working environment like choosing our life partner since it is so important? The answer to this question is yes but to a certain extent. You may able be to choose certain things in your working environment such as the type of company and its location and nature of work  even the persons you have to work with but certain things like customer and company policies you may not be able to.

So, what are the solutions or advices we must have in order to overcome those unfavourable environments? In my opinion, it is important that we have to understand them, learn to accept them if they are important to the survival of the company, always with the positive attitude towards them and prepare to change yourself for adaptation. Avoiding or running away from it may not be the good idea.

Ng Choon Lai Ex-Senior Lecturer School of Business and Law TMC Academy

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