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28th National Cocktail Competition

28th National Cocktail Competition (The event is organised annually)

Organiser: Association of Bartenders and Sommeliers Singapore (ABSS)


Date: 20-21 June 2016

Venue: Union Square, Singapore


  1. Cocktail & Flairing Bartending Skills

  2. Mocktail

  3. Speed Bottle Cap Opening

Mocktail category is only for students, the other 2 categories are open to any participants.

TMC had 2 participants in the student mocktail category:

-Lee Gahyoung -Joanna Liao Hsin Min

Chamption of Mocktail Category: Lee Gahyoung (TMC Higher Dip in H&T) Prize: $500 cash + trophy

Winning Mocktail: Summer breeze

  1. Lime juice 150ml (Australian fruit juice)

  2. Green apple 20ml (Monin)

  3. Blue curacao 5ml (Monin)

  4. Soda water

  5. Lime as garnish

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