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TMC College Floorball

On 19th December 2016, the TMC O Level students from Platinum and Purple classes went on a school trip to the Valhall – an indoor sporting facility. They were introduced to floorball – a popular competitive team sport in Singapore schools. With some brief introduction and practice on the basics of the game, they were to form teams and play in rotation against each other.

The primary aim of the outing is to establish a common TMC College identity. This is done firstly by creating the opportunity for bonding within and between students of the two classes, and secondly by requiring them to engage in activities that require teamwork and coordination. We hope for students to be able to motivate or encourage each other to participate and perform – something previous batches did not do due to their limited interactions.

The secondary aim is to address the remarks of many students on how they lack physical activity and alternative forms of mental stimulation. Learning a new sport is a way to promote more holistic growth by getting them moving both physically and intellectually, plus it is novel experience as compared to sports such as soccer or basketball that they have easy access to.

At 10am, the students assembled at Mountbatten MRT station for a short walk to Valhall. It was a pleasant stroll, helped by the cloudy skies and good wind. The students were participative in the briefing, but some were initially reluctant to practise and play as many had not done any form of exercise in a while. Other students, however, formed quickly into teams and jumped right into a high-paced match. Surprisingly, some students with quieter and more sedentary natures, proved to be highly competitive and driven during the game! The ad hoc teams also had a decent level of chemistry that allowed them to cooperate well despite it being their first times working together.

In between games, the students took the time to talk to each other as well as work on a written assignment about the importance and experience of working together. A follow-up activity in the form of an informal letter is planned for the near future.

Following the wrap-up of the games, the students relocated to Kallang Wave Mall for lunch at the food court before they were officially dismissed at 2pm. Following this excursion, students from the two classes have been meeting regularly to play and eat during their lunch and break times, which we hope will enhance their overall school experience and their sense of belonging to TMC College.

Written by: Mr. Gabriel Chua (Teaching staff of TMC College)

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