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PRISM Awards

Our mass communication student Lee Dongho won the award for outstanding PR student during this year’s PRISM award. The PRISM Awards are presented biennially by the only accrediting body for Public Relations (PR) professionals in Singapore – the Institute of Public Relations of Singapore (IPRS). The PRISM Awards are the PR profession’s very own peer-recognised Awards scheme.

Dongho won the award based on his academic excellence and extra-curricular activities in a field related to PR and communications. In a short period of one year, Dongho exhibited great enthusiasm as a student and volunteered his time to be the inaugural President of IPRS-TMC Student Chapter and was the master of ceremony of launch.

We are extremely proud of the achievement and thankful to PRISM for giving out the award.

As Lee Dongho is in Korea now, he was unable to receive the award in person. Ms Lalethaa D/o Karamjeet Singh, the current IPRS Student Chapter President in TMC Academy collected the award during the PRISM 2017 Awards ceremony.

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