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Enhancing your career with academic pathways

One of the advantages of studying through TMC Academy is the Academic Pathways that are available to students.

What is an academic pathway?

An academic pathway at TMC Academy is a flexible and structured sequence of courses that guides students in achieving their educational goals. These pathways assist students in progressing smoothly through their studies, whether they aim to achieve a Higher Diploma, undergraduate, or postgraduate qualification.

Academic Pathways

Example of an academic pathway at TMC Academy

The majority of courses provided by TMC have an academic pathway. An example of an academic path starts with the Foundation Diploma for Tertiary Studies.

Foundation Diploma for Tertiary Studies

The Foundation Diploma for Tertiary Studies has been developed to prepare students for higher education by providing the necessary theoretical knowledge and practical experience in multidisciplinary studies to equip them for success in the next level of studies.

The successful completion of this Diploma allows the student to progress to the TMC Higher Diploma courses.

Higher Diploma Courses

Within the Higher Diploma courses, students can access a wide range of courses covering the following areas.

  • Business. Twelve higher Diplomas are available to students, depending on the area of business they wish to specialise in. These areas include:

- Marketing

- Logistics

- Human Resources

- International Business; and

- Accounting

to name a few of the areas of specialisation within business.

  • Hospitality and Tourism

  • Psychology

  • Infocomm Technology

  • Accounting and Finance

  • Mass Communication; and

  • Engineering

Students who complete the Higher Diploma courses are eligible to apply for the bachelor’s degrees offered at TMC Academy.

Bachelor’s Degree Courses

TMC Academy has developed a strong academic partnership with the University of Northampton, established in 1924 in the UK. This partnership enables TMC Academy to provide bachelor’s degree courses awarded through the University of Northampton.

Once again, students wishing to pursue an undergraduate degree have a range of choices.

For example, within the business, the following degrees are offered:

  • Bachelor of Arts Honours Business and Management (Top-Up)

  • Bachelor of Arts Honours International Logistics and Trade Finance (Top-Up)

  • Bachelor of Arts Honours Marketing Management (Top-Up)

Within the psychology area, there are two bachelor’s degrees offered:

  • Bachelor of Science Honours Psychology and Counselling (Top-Up)

  • Bachelor of Science Honours Psychology (Top-Up)

Students wishing to study mass communication can complete the Bachelor of Arts Honours Media Production and the Moving Image with Film and Screen Studies.

There is also the Bachelor of Science Honours in Accounting and Finance

Postgraduate & Graduate Diplomas and Master's Degrees

Successful completion of an undergraduate degree through TMC allows the student to progress further through the academic pathway by completing a post-graduate and graduate diploma or completing a Master’s degree in one of the following areas:

• Master of Business Administration (Top-Up)

• Executive Master of Business Administration

• Master of Business Administration; or

• Executive Master of Business Administration (Top-Up)

Different entry points to an academic pathway

In the above example, a student commenced their academic pathway by completing the Foundation Diploma for Tertiary Studies. However, the advantage of TMC Academy is that it provides students with different entry points into the academic pathways.

For example, a student who has A Levels or equivalent can apply to study for one of the Higher Diploma’s. A student with a Poly Diploma or equivalent can apply for consideration to study one of the undergraduate degrees.

One advantage of academic pathways is that they provide students with different entry points depending on their previous educational qualifications and work experience.

Advantages of academic pathways

Academic pathways provide several advantages for students.

As mentioned above, the advantage of TMC’s academic path is that it provides several entry points for students. These different entry points acknowledge that students come to study with various qualifications and life experiences, and consequently, there needs to be some flexibility when enrolling students into academic courses.

Having different entry points into academic pathways has another vital benefit – inclusivity and diversity. Inclusivity occurs because anyone who wants to study can do so because of the entry points provided by the academic pathway. Diversity occurs because students come to their chosen course of study from diverse backgrounds and have a range of experiences. This diversity adds to the richness of the learning culture as student collaborate and share their experiences.

Flexibility in structuring study

Academic pathways are flexible because they offer different entry points and multiple ways to structure study, allowing students to tailor their education according to their needs and interests.

Academic pathways are essential because they provide students with clear academic outcomes and encourage them to set personal goals to achieve these outcomes. The discipline of goal setting is important in personal life and enables students to succeed in their academic and work careers.

Studying academic courses can be confusing and stressful for students. There is so much information to assimilate, and often, students find it challenging to know if they are making the best choices regarding career opportunities.

This is where the clearly laid out academic pathways that TMC has developed empower students to make informed decisions about their study choices. Students have access to the resources, support, and guidance they need to make the best decisions based on their capabilities, interests, and aspirations.

Student support and pastoral counselling

TMC Academy not only provides students with academic pathways, but it also provides support and pastoral counselling. This additional support is provided because the staff at TMC understands that studying can be stressful, particularly for international students who may be living away from home for the first time.

One of the roles of Student Support is to provide a Career Advisory Service. This service advises students and graduates on job search preparation and employment so that students can be confident when attending job interviews.

The Pastoral Counselling available to students provides a range of support services and free counselling services with qualified and experienced psychologists. For example, they provide counselling services that can assist students:

  • Are experiencing adjustment or interpersonal problems.

  • Who are looking for career path or career guidance.

  • Who require prevention education and support for things like drugs, gambling or alcohol.

  • Who require referral services when additional support is required.

TMC Academy, through its academic pathways, not only supports students' access to various academic courses, but the paths clearly set out the steps a student can take to achieve their ultimate goal, whether it is an undergraduate degree in their chosen field of interest or Graduate qualifications and a master’s degree.

At each level in the academic pathway, the student is supported and encouraged to achieve the results they are capable of. This support and commitment to students makes TMC Academy the top choice for many students.

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