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nEbO Study Grant

For All nEbO applicants and nEbO Staff :

  1. 10%      grant on course fee for TMC Foundation Diploma, Graduate Diploma and      Higher Diploma programme.

  2. S$1,000      grant off course fee for TMC Final-year Top-up Bachelor Degree programmes      (this cannot be used in conjunction with any progression discount for      graduates of TMC Higher Diploma programmes).


TMC will provide 50% grant on the course fee for the following categories. There are 5 scholarships available for each category per calendar year.

  1. TMC      Higher Diploma

  2. Final-year      Top-up Bachelor Degree programmes offered and delivered at TMC

Note: Upon graduating from TMC Higher Diploma, the scholarship holders are not automatically given the 50% grant for the Final-year Top-Up Bachelor Degree programmes. Interested graduates would need to apply separately.


Applicants applying for the nEbO-TMC Study Grant and Scholarship programme must satisfy the following eligibility criteria:

  1. Applicants      must be Singapore citizen who have good academic and co-curricular      activites records, strong language skills and demonstrate leadership      qualities;

  2. Applicants      must not already be a degree holder;

  3. Applicants      may only apply for either one type of Study grant or scholarship for any      one programme at any one time; and

  4. Applicants      must meet the entry requirements stipulated by TMC and its partners, if      relevant, from time to time for the relevant programmes.

Important Note:

  1. Applicants      are subjected to TMC Academy and nEbO’s eligibility criteria. Interviews      are required for scholarship application. Terms and conditions apply.

  2. nEbO      membership is applicable to all students aged from 12 to 25 years old.      Members who are 25 years old are only eligible for 1-year membership.

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