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Mooting Session for Law Students

On 29 February 2016, after weeks of preparation, two teams of hot shot lawyers in training had a showdown in TMC Academy’s moot court. 

The face off was between the ladies, comprising Choo Wan Chia and Putri Nur Azreen , and the gentlemen ,Bat-Enerel and Mang Zheng Hau, They had two cases to argue; the first was the liability of a home owner when his dog bit a young child who trespassed into his premises, the second was whether a disappointed consumer was entitled to be compensated when slimming pills she had purchased and consumed failed to work its miracle, and instead caused her body to balloon. 

Mr Alexander Dibble, ably assisted by Mr Jasmani bin Jalil, judged the mock trials. 

It was an event enjoyed by all participants. The law students look forward to more sessions of mooting in the future.  Preparatory Course for UoL Bachelor of Laws

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