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Launch your career in hospitality with TMC Academy

Hospitality in Singapore is a dynamic industry focused on innovation, sustainability, and technology to drive growth and customer satisfaction. Two factors are driving the growth in hospitality.

The first factor is that major players such as Mariott International, Far East Hospitality, Intercontinental Hotels Group, Pan Pacific Hotels, and Accor SA are using technology innovatively to improve customer experiences.

The second factor is Singapore’s strategy position as a global hub for tourism and business.

Due to the sector's growth and expansion, now is a great time to study hospitality in Singapore through TMC Academy.


Why choose a career in hospitality

There are several reasons why choosing a career in hospitality makes good sense.

Diverse career opportunities

Hospitality is a widely diverse industry. For example, it covers the following key areas.

a) Food and Beverage. Food and beverage services are integral to the hospitality industry and include different businesses such as restaurants, from the cosy café to five-star fine dining, bars, and hotels.

b) Lodgings. This broad category covers all forms of overnight accommodation for guests, whether luxurious hotels and resorts or budget-friendly motels.

c) Recreation. Covers activities that focus on sports, wellness, and entertainment. Examples include spa treatments, golf courses, and fitness centres. Recreation hospitality aims to improve guests’ sense of well-being and satisfaction while staying at hotels and resorts.

d) Travel and Tourism is a particular category within hospitality dealing with businesses involved in physical travel and creating memorable experiences for tourists when they travel.

Hence, hospitality is a career that provides work opportunities in various service industries, both locally and internationally.

Global Opportunities

Hospitality is a global industry. With the experience and skills obtained in the hospitality industry in Singapore, a person has the skill set to work in different countries and cultures, which can be both personally and professionally enriching.

Transferable Skills

Hospitality is one industry that supplies hospitality workers with transferable skills. Not only can a person transfer to different areas within hospitality, but they also have the skills to work internationally.

Career Advancement

The hospitality industry often promotes from within, offering workers numerous career growth and development opportunities.

Personal satisfaction

Working in hospitality can be rewarding when a staff member and their team create enjoyable experiences for customers and each other. This enjoyment can lead to a sense of personal satisfaction.

These benefits make hospitality an attractive field of study and career choice.

Studying hospitality at TMC Academy Singapore

Given the vibrancy and growth of tourism, having the opportunity to study and gain industry experience in Singapore not only provides a person with a solid foundation for their career but also provides opportunities that may not be available elsewhere.

TMC Academy provides students with a solid academic foundation and practical opportunities with its hospitality courses.

Why study hospitality at TMC Academy

There are several reasons why studying hospitality through TMC Academy makes good sense.

Proven experience of TMC in providing academic courses

TMC has over 40 years of experience in training and equipping students with academic knowledge and practical skills to enable them to succeed in the workplace.

Over these 40 years, TMC has built strong industry networks and partnerships, as evidenced by the choice of workplaces available to students doing Industry Attachment.

In addition to industry networks, TMC ensures 100% passing rates with students through its Academic Pathways, which are uniquely tailored to enable students to reach their study goals.

Pathways to Higher Qualifications

TMC Academy provides pathways for students to achieve higher qualifications. For example, a student who completes the Advanced Diploma in Hospitality and Tourism Management can then study for the Higher Diploma in Hospitality and Tourism Management.

Completing this qualification makes the student eligible to pursue the Top-Up degree awarded by The University of Northampton at TMC Academy.

These academic pathways not only provide students with a solid foundation in their chosen area of study but also enable them to achieve higher qualifications in a supportive environment where the lecturers and teaching staff know the students.

Industry Experience

There are two ways in which industry contributes to the training and qualifications students receive through TMC.

Industry Advisory Board

The Industry Advisory Board (IAB) facilitates, reviews, and ensures the continuous improvement of the curriculum so that students study industry-relevant theory that aligns with industry practices and emerging trends.

Industry Attachment

Students who study for the Higher Diploma in Hospitality and Tourism Management have the opportunity to do a six-month industry placement or Industry Attachment.

This Industry Attachment is an essential component of the student's learning process. It provides students with in-depth knowledge of the industry and allows them to apply the theory learnt in the classroom to real-life experience and enhance skills like teamwork, communication skills and customer service.

TMC has several established partners and Hotel chains, such as Intercontinental Hotel and Resorts, Sofitel Luxury Hotels, and Kimpton Hotels and Restaurants, to name a few, that provide Industrial Attachment for students.

Hence, not only does studying hospitality provide a person with a career with diverse opportunities, transferable skills, and the opportunity to travel, but studying hospitality at TMC Singapore provides the student with relevant, practical industry experience and pathways to higher degrees.

Higher Diploma in Hospitality and Tourism Management (with six months of Industrial Placement)

This qualification develops the skills and knowledge a student requires to be a competent and effective manager in the hospitality and tourism industry.

Through studying the following modules:

  • Legal Aspects of Hospitality and Tourism

  • Hospitality, Travel and Tourism Marketing

  • Financial Aspects of Hospitality, Travel and Tourism

  • ICT in the Hospitality Industry

  • Event Management

  • Research Methods for Hospitality, Travel and Tourism

  • Hotel and Resort Management

  • Issues in Hospitality and Tourism Industry

  • Tourism Planning and Development

  • Managing People in the Hospitality, Travel and Tourism Industry

students learn the critical aspects of hotel and resort management, tourism and event management, management techniques, marketing, and finance.

Upon completing this Higher Diploma, the student can apply for the Top-Up degree, Bachelor of Arts (Honours) International Hospitality Management (Top-Up).

Bachelor of Arts (Honours) International Hospitality Management (Top-Up)

This degree focuses on equipping students with the knowledge and skills to provide excellence in management and leadership within international contexts, whether managing hotels, restaurants, resorts or other service-focused hospitality industries.

With the skills and knowledge gained in this degree, students are well-placed to take up global opportunities, knowing they have relevant transferrable skills that will make them an asset in international situations.

The core modules studied in this degree are:

  • Innovation in Tourism & Hospitality Management

  • Live Events Management

  • International Destination Management

  • Leading Service Quality in Hospitality

  • Professional Consultancy Project

  • Research Project

Students who complete and pass the modules stipulated in the course structure will be awarded the Bachelor of Arts (Honours) International Hospitality Management (Top-Up) from the University of Northampton.

Now is a great time to start an adventure in a career that provides both local and global opportunities. Contact TMC Course Enquiry | TMC Academy to see how they can assist you in achieving your goals.

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