Welcome from TMC Academy Chairman

For 40 years now TMC Academy has striven to deliver high quality courses, which are relevant to its students’ needs, from accredited institutions. We are proud of our achievements and continue being committed in helping students develop their knowledge, skills and intellectual values. We understand the importance of producing employable graduates who can contribute to the growth and prosperity of society. By choosing to study with us, not only are you equipping yourself for success, but gaining access to opportunities that enhances your knowledge and practices through our industrial affiliations.

In our fast-moving and competitive world, the key to an individual’s future lies in the range and quality of their education. It is not only essential to have well-founded studies with widely recognised qualifications but also to stand above the crowd. That is why entering higher education is likely to be one of the most significant decisions you will ever make: it will affect both your personal development and the direction of your career.

TMC provides a wide range of high quality professional development and academic programs, linked to industry and in collaboration with prestigious partners. Our teaching staff are selected on the basis of their subject expertise and dedication, as well as being subject to performance review and student feedback. Our state-of-the-arts facilities provide a conducive environment for your studies.

Thank you for choosing to partner with us at TMC Academy, and I wish you all the best in your future endeavors.

Professor Tim Boatswain
Chairman “TMC Academy”


Begin your higher learning with us at TMC Academy, where we guide you through both classroom instruction and industry-relevant experience. With over 40 years of private education experience, we ensure that students are equipped with the knowledge and practices for the modern workforce, Every Step With You!

Programmes by Discipline

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Featured Master’s Degree

Executive MBA

Join TMC Academy’s Executive MBA programme to improve your professional qualifications and give your earning a boost! Get a maximum of 6 module exemptions via progression route from Postgraduate Diploma in Management Studies and Leadership (click here).

Evening / Weekend classes options & overseas networking opportunities available! Click here to find out more.


Be Industry Relevant 

TMC Academy equips students with the latest skills, knowledge and industry practices as reviewed by the TMC Industry Advisory Board, providing an edge in their careers in the modern workforce.

Learning and Networking Opportunities

Students studying at TMC Academy benefit from a wealth of knowledge and experience through our industry partners, with access to external industrial event sharing and providing potential opportunities for job placements.

Aggressive Progression Route

Mature students with relevant working experience can expect to fast-track to a Postgraduate degree with TMC’s Postgraduate Diploma programme.


TMC Academy is a recognized Private Education Institutionwith multiple academic and corporate awards. Click here to view our awards.


TMC Academy cares, and we work with community partners so everyone gets the quality education they deserve. Click to learn more.

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