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2023: In our words

Updated: Jan 27, 2023

Happy New Year everyone!

2022 had presented its fair share of complications for all of us, from battling against the onslaught of the CoVID-19 pandemic to geopolitical conflict that brought about inflation in the global economy. Thankfully, we managed to power through this tough year with our heads held high.

But like any year, 2023 also comes packaged with its own unique set of challenges. The 8% Government Service Tax (GST) which was recently being implemented at the start of the new year is set to affect Singaporeans in various facets of livelihood such as consumerism and cost of living. Uncertainty is in the air as value is now, more than ever, an important factor when it comes to making an investment in decisions that makes or breaks periodic to lifelong decisions.

Education, however, contains a value of constant growth that sheds new light and perspective in unchartered territory. As Confucius once said: “To know what you know AND do not know, that is TRUE knowledge.” I encourage you, whether you are a student with us or not, to persistently create a cause that can make a positive impact for yourself and the world around you.

At TMC, it is our sole mission to enhance your quest for knowledge by offering our certification programmes awarded by our partners at Northampton University and Birmingham City University that equip you with the relevant skills concurrent with workforce demand, giving you an edge whether you are starting out or who’s looking to optimize a different career path for yourself.

We understand that with an increase in GST comes an increase in course fees. But with financing options and fee subsidies available through our community affiliates such as SAFRA and SkillsFuture, we hope that this will help bring ease of mind while you study with us. Please feel free to get in touch with our friendly course coordinators should you express interest in our programmes.

Together with my team, our commitment in providing you the necessary skills and information needed to thrive in an economy in constant need of new talent is a legacy that we passionately maintain and improve, every step with you.

John Lee CEO, TMC Academy

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