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Your knowledge and skill – their mental well-being. Get Higher Diploma Bachelor Degree in Psychology at TMC Academy Singapore?

Updated: Apr 8

For students interested in understanding human motivation, behaviour and the fine line between mental well-being and experiencing mental health issues, studying psychology deepens and provides a framework for understanding these things. Studying psychology provides this understanding and enables students to contribute positively to the broader community and make a difference in people’s lives. Due to the demand for mental health services, it also provides many job opportunities.

A recent search of JobsDB showed 2,909 jobs in the mental health field in Singapore. The roles ranged from Case Workers to Social Workers and higher. advertised 139 jobs on 26 March 2024. The job opportunities in this area continue to grow as more community members need mental health support.

With the greater number of jobs, there is greater competition for quality applicants. This is why it is essential for students wishing to work in the mental health field to enhance their job prospects with a Higher Diploma in Psychology with Counselling or a Bachelor of Science (Honours) Psychology from TMC Academy Singapore.

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Why get a Higher Diploma, Bachelor Degree in Psychology at TMC Academy Singapore?

There are several reasons why studying psychology at TMC makes good sense.

Links with Singapore Psychological Society.

The collaboration between TMC Academy and the Singapore Psychological Society (SPS) provides students with a unique opportunity to benefit from SPS's extended professional network.

There is an SPS-TMC Student Chapter that provides the following benefits.

·        Membership for psychology students to SPS at a reduced rate.

·        Professional Development through SPS’s regular meetings and special interest groups.

·        Events. The Society hosts talks on various topics. Discounted registration fees are available for members, and subsidised rates are available to student members, making these events a great opportunity not only to stay up to date with trends within the mental health field but also to network with those already working in the area.

TMC Industry Advisory Board (IAB)

The TMC Academy Industry Advisory Board is formed by external industry members. It facilitates the review and continuous improvement of the curriculum and monitors industry practice and future trends to ensure students are provided with the most up-to-date industry knowledge and practice.

Winner in Higher Education Categories – Psychology and Counselling.

In 2019, TMC Academy courses in psychology and counselling were recognised by the JobsCentral Learning and Training Education Development Awards (T.E.D.) as winners in the higher education category.

Choice of Qualification.

Another reason to study psychology through TMC is that the Academy provides several Higher Diplomas and bachelor’s Degrees that give students a choice depending on their area of interest and strengths.

Higher Diploma in Psychology with Counselling.

This qualification provides students with a comprehensive theoretical background and research skills relevant to studying and understanding mental processes and human behaviour.

The programme covers a broad range of empirical and practical areas, such as developing and learning basic counselling skills and approaches.

Successful completion of the Higher Diploma allows students to apply for further studies at overseas universities.

Offered both full-time and on a part-time basis, the Higher Diploma takes 14 months to complete.


There are two levels that must be completed. The modules of study within each level are:

Level 1 Modules:

·        The Science of Psychology

·        Exploring Psychology

·        Survey Design for Psychological Research

·        Industrial and Organisational Psychology

·        Introduction to Counselling


Level 2 Modules:

·        Biological Psychology

·        Cognitive Psychology

·        Developmental Psychology

·        Social Psychology

·        Abnormal Psychology

·        Individual Differences and Psychological Measurement

·        Experimental Design and Statistics

Bachelor of Science (Honours) Psychology and Counselling (Top-Up)

The BSc (Hons) Psychology and Counselling (Top-Up) is a final year degree programme that provides students with a critical understanding and analysis of human behaviour, thought and emotions.

The program is designed to equip students with the skills and knowledge necessary for further study and a career in counselling psychology or related professions. Upon successful completion of this course, students can apply to the British Psychological Society for individual membership.

Core Modules for this course are:

·        Counselling in Context

·        The Psychology of Mental Health

·        Lifespan Development

·        Applying Positive Psychology

·        Counselling Psychology Dissertation


Students are awarded the degree through the University of Northampton after completing the course.

Graduate Diploma of Psychology

The Graduate Diploma is awarded by TMC Academy.

This course is suitable for students who wish to obtain a graduate qualification in psychology after completing an undergraduate degree in any other discipline. The course of study is designed to provide students with comprehensive theoretical knowledge and relevant skills to understand people’s mental processes and human behaviour.

Upon successfully completing this program, students can apply to Universities in the UK for a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology or a Bachelor's degree in Psychology and Counselling.

Like other qualifications in Psychology, this Graduate Diploma is offered both full-time and part-time and takes fourteen months to complete.

Core Modules for this course are:

·        Industrial and Organisational Psychology

·        Introduction to Counselling

·        Survey Design for Psychological research

·        Abnormal Psychology

·        Biological Psychology

·        Cognitive Psychology

·        Developmental Psychology

·        Individual Differences and Psychological Measurements

·        Experimental Design and Statistics

·        Social Psychology

As indicated at the beginning of this article, the number of jobs in mental health in Singapore continues to grow. The growth is driven by need.

In 2023, for World Mental Health Day, the Ipsos World Mental Health Day survey, which explores changes in how people feel about their mental health found that 46% of Singaporeans place mental health as their biggest concern.

In April 2023, a report stated that 1 in 3 Singaporean adolescents reported mental health symptoms such as depression, anxiety and loneliness, particularly in young people between the ages of 14 – 16. The same report found that only around one in ten parents were able to identify clinical-level mental health issues in their children.

These statistics indicate two things.

Firstly, the need for knowledgeable and skilled practitioners in the mental health and psychology fields continues to grow as people struggle with their mental well-being. Secondly, and equally importantly, there is a need for skilled practitioners who can provide knowledge and education to family and community members to demystify and de-stigmatize this area, which is frequently met with misunderstanding and fear.

Studying psychology through TMC Academy provides students with the knowledge and skills to assist those who experience mental health concerns and provide education and information to family members and the wider community.

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