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Why TMC Academy Singapore

Updated: Apr 4

Established in 1981, TMC Academy has grown to become one of Singapore’s well-respected private education providers. It supports students in achieving academic success and providing them with industry training and knowledge that will equip them to contribute to society after their studies.

TMC Academy Singapore

TMC Academy’s Record of Achievement.

Over the past forty-three years, TMC’s Management Team and Academic Board have worked hard to develop strong industry and academic networks and links that benefit students at the Academy.

For example, in 2010, TMC Academy was one of the first Private Education Institutions (PEIs) to achieve the sought-after four-year EduTrust Certification awarded by the Committee for Private Education. This certification demonstrates that TMC has met the stringent standards and indicators required by the Committee for excellence in education.

The Academy was awarded the Singapore Health Awards Excellence Award 2017, which celebrates outstanding achievements in workplace health and is the gold standard award for workplace health promotion.

In 2019, the Academy won the Higher Education Categories—Psychology and Counselling at the JobsCentral Learning Training and Development Awards. This was the third time TMC had won the award in the psychology category.

These are a few examples of Academic Awards that demonstrate the commitment of TMC Academy to academic excellence.

Industry Partnerships

As TMC Academy has grown, it has also developed strong industry partnerships to provide students with industry experience in their academic learning.

Students who study Business Courses through the Academy benefit from its collaboration with the Institute of Public Relations Singapore (IPRS) and partnerships with companies such as Sofitel, Sentosa, and HMS Assurance.

Students enrolled in the Academy’s hospitality and tourism programs benefit from internship tie-ups with companies such as the Intercontinental Hotel Group, Marina Bay Sands, Shangri-La Hotel, and the Mandarin Oriental Hotel group.


TMC Academy’s Growth

TMC has established campuses in Vietnam and recently in Uzbekistan.

In January 2023, The TMC Education Group signed a memorandum with Komiljon Karimov, the first Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Higher Education, Science, and Innovation of the Republic of Uzbekistan. The memorandum discussed ways of developing international and innovative programs by TMC in Tashkent.

The expansion of TMC Academy into other countries is part of the Academy’s commitment to fostering a global perspective and creating a multicultural environment.

The Academy hosts international students from over twenty-five countries. Having so many students from different cultural backgrounds creates a vibrant, diverse learning environment where the mix of different ideas and perspectives enables students and academic staff to develop personally and academically.

Student Support – Every step with you

TMC Academy recognises the challenges many students face, juggling everyday life and study demands. These challenges are accentuated for international students adjusting to life in Singapore.

This is one of the reasons why TMC has the tagline “Every step with you”. It highlights the Academy’s commitment to supporting and assisting its students. It does this in several ways.

Student Focus Programs.

The student support program is specifically designed to assist domestic and international students in settling into TMC and exploring the campus and Singapore.

Class sizes and the learning environment are also intentionally structured to ensure students are supported to achieve their best possible outcomes.

As part of their ongoing commitment to students, TMC also offers pastoral counselling. Counsellors act as guides, listening to the personal, academic, and emotional challenges students are experiencing and supporting them however they can. The types of issues pastoral counsellors provide support with include dealing with loneliness and a sense of isolation, particularly for international students living away from home for the first time; anxiety and worry around study and exams issues; and relationship difficulties that may impact studies.

There are many other support options available to students. Just as there are different courses and programs to provide students with the freedom of choice, there are different support options for students. One of the strengths of TMC is that it recognises students' individuality and provides, as far as possible, options that will best support this individuality.

Pathways to the future.

The vision of TMC Academy is to develop the leaders for tomorrow.

As mentioned, TMC does this by developing strong partnerships and networks with industry and recognised Associations. These partnerships and networks assist students in several ways.

Alignment with industry trends and practices.

The partnerships TMC has developed with industries mean students can be assured that the curriculum they are studying is aligned with industry trends and current practices. Students are not simply learning academic theory but gaining knowledge and skills directly applicable to their field of study.

Practical Experience

Through these partnerships, students also have the opportunity to do internships, industry projects, and experiential learning opportunities. For example, in February of this year, students from the Tashkent campus visited the Coca-Cola factory to understand the manufacturing process and Coca-Cola's corporate social responsibility initiatives.

These experiences provide opportunities for students to apply theoretical knowledge in real-world settings.

Developing professional networks.

Students have the opportunity to expand their professional networks by participating in industry events, conferences, practicums, and other networking sessions. A professional network can be critical when establishing yourself in business or industry.

The network can be an essential source of advice, support, and peer encouragement, which is crucial to a successful career.

TMC has benefited from former students who are now committed and dedicated staff members. One former student is now the Senior Manager – Academic Services at the Academy.

Hence, pathways to leadership are present in the Academy and the broader community.

Why TMC Academy Singapore?

TMC's values are innovation, equality, and collaboration. These values are demonstrated in the College’s academic approach and how it values students.

Academically, TMC provides students with flexible, forward-thinking, and, most importantly, industry-relevant teaching.

TMC believes that if provided the opportunity, every person can contribute something meaningful to a class, research project, or conversation. Consequently, every person is treated with respect and encouraged and supported to contribute.

The result is a rich and diverse learning experience that is both theoretical and practical and designed to ensure students have the best chance of success in their chosen profession.

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