About Institute of Public Relations of Singapore (IPRS)

The Institute of Public Relations of Singapore (IPRS) aims to represent the PR and Communication professionals and the profession in Singapore, and to be the accrediting body for PR professionals in Singapore. The Institute has grown to a current membership base of more than 300 active members who are professionals from diverse business backgrounds.


Association with IPRS

TMC Academy and IPRS signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) in 2015. This MOU formally recognises the agreement that TMC Academy students studying PR/Communication-related courses enjoy IPRS membership benefits.


Institute of Public Relations of Singapore (IPRS) Student Chapter in TMC Academy

The objectives for IPRS-TMC Student Chapter as follows:

  • To provide students who participate in the student chapter (“student members”) with a platform for learning and experience with IPRS
  • To enhance student members’ participation and student development in the PR industry
  • To establish possible internships with established PR and media firms in Singapore
  • To gain advice and mentorship from IPRS, and to create opportunities for student members to attend networking events
  • To work with IPRS mentors such as practitioners, educators and advisors who can provide guidance to student members
  • To enable student members to gain insight into the PR and Media industry
  • To enable student members to explore their own potential as individuals and as professionals in the PR and Media industry


Resources for IPRS-TMC Student Chapter

  • Chair of the Student Chapter
    – The Dean of the School will act as the student chapter chairman and shall be responsible for supervising student chapter matters.
  • Faculty Advisor
    – Each student chapter has a full-time academic as an advisor and shall be responsible for coordinating the student chapter matters with the student president.
  • Student President
    – To manage student chapter at TMC
    – Write articles regarding student chapter activities and make contributions to the TMC newsletter
    – Host student chapter meetings at TMC
  • Outreach
    – Form a TMC public relations team
    – Chapter web site design project as a networking tool for current students and alumni
    – Committees
    – Newsletter
    – Website
    – TMC E-campus blog/forum
    – Student Reviewers
    – Student chapter message board
  • Social Activities
    – Facebook Group for IPRS chapter at TMC
    – Chapter Meeting
    – New student orientation & Mentorship
    – Alumni dinner
  • Games
    – Mentoring Future chapter presidents by having training sessions with current student presidents
    – Study support to new students
  • Continued Improvements
    – Maintain connections with faculty and students
  • Award
    – A certificate for student president Role
    – Letter of participation for student participation
    – Letter of appreciation for students who contribute to newsletters and student chapter activities