TMC Academy Friend Referral Scheme

Do you know of anyone who wants to pursue their studies or upgrade themselves? Recommend them to TMC Academy now and get rewarded when they have successfully commenced the course they registered for (first-time applicant only).



Course Recommendation fee
*Payout is only applicable at the first point of payment*
Hawthorn English Course $150
GCE O-level (Full Course)
Diploma/ Higher Diploma/ Foundation Diploma/ Graduate Diploma/ Professional Diploma/ Postgraduate Diploma
Bachelor’s Degree $500

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Friend Referral Form

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Terms and conditions:
  1. The Recommender MUST be an existing student or alumni of TMC Academy.
  2. The Recommendee MUST NOT be an existing student or ex-student of TMC Academy.
  3. The Recommendee can be either local or foreigner. He/she must register for a Full-time or Part-time program (Certificate, Diploma, Higher Diploma, Bachelor or Master).
  4. The Recommender MUST be able to show proof that the Recommendee is recommended by him/her including but not limited to:
    • Complete the TMC Friend Referral Form
    • Provide the contact details of the Recommendee to our TMC Programme Advisor
    • Bring the Recommendee to our TMC Programme Advisors
  5. TMC will not accept any claims by the Recommender after the Recommendee has registered his/her course with TMC Academy.
  6. The Recommender Fee will only be claimable upon 14 working days after the Recommendee commenced the course with payment of full course fee/1st installment as stipulated in the payment plan.
  7. The TMC Friend Referral Form can be collected from the Student Recruitment & Marketing Office and must be duly completed.
  8. The Recommender Fee will not be given if the Recommendee withdraws before the commencement of the course and within 14 days after course commencement.
  9. No special installment payment scheme shall be applicable.
  10. TMC Academy reserves the right to make changes without prior notice.