TMC Academy refer students with disabilities as “those whose prospects of securing, retaining places and advancing in education and training institutions, employment and recreation as equal members of the community are substantially reduced as a result of physical, sensory, intellectual and developmental impairments”.

TMC Academy does her best to provide disabled students with appropriate facilities and services to assist the student through their course of study. Every effort is made to ensure that the disabled student is not discriminated and excluded in the learning experiences at TMC Academy. TMC Academy will do whatever is possible to make the school accessible for disabled people. Disabled students should not be treated less favourably than other students due to their disability. The student’s declaration and indication of the assistance required is necessary in the application form.

Existing students who have encountered temporary/permanent disabilities during the course of study may also apply for assistance. The form is available for download below and also available from the Student Services Department. For more details, please read the attached TMC Student Disability Policy.

Assistance for Students with Disabilities Form


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