Our education representative will be most delighted to advise on your queries and support your application process.

Alternatively, prospective international students will be able to obtain further information through the our approved recruitment agents.
List of Approved Recruitment Agents (updated as of March 2020)

Expired Agent List (updated as of October 2019)


Philippines, Indonesia, India, Mongolia, Japan
Ms. Mary Grace
Assistant Director
Contact no: +65 6690 9582, +65 9736 4839
Email: mary.grace@tmc.edu.sg


Ms. Milly Hwang
Course Consultant
Contact no: +65 6690 9596
Email: anne.choi@tmc.edu.sg


Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Sri Lanka, Russia
Mr. Liu Zong Kui (Chris)
Course Consultant
Contact no: +65 6690 9595
Email: chris.liu@tmc.edu.sg


Ms. Wong Choy Kwan (CK)
Contact no: +65 6690 9583
Email: ck.wong@tmc.edu.sg


Mr. Zhang Qian
Senior Manager
Contact no: +65 6690 9556 / +65 8468 9773
Email: zhang.qian@tmc.edu.sg


Ms. Tran Minh Phuong
TMC Representative
Contact no: +84 916 526 999
Email: tmcvietnamrep@tmc.edu.sg


Ms. Pwint Thet Khin Mango
TMC Representative
Contact no: +(959) 450051564
Email: mango.pwint@tmc.edu.sg

For other countries, please email io@tmc.edu.sg