(International students) My course pathway leads me to study in an overseas university after completing my diploma with TMC Academy. What will happen if my Visa to study overseas is not approved?

There are a few alternatives:

  • Appeal to the respective country’s Immigration Authority.
  • Make a second VISA application in the student’s home country

Enrol in an alternative programme. The possible pathways are as follow:


For Hospitality and Tourism Students

Bachelor’s Degree conferred by University of Gloucestershire (offered in TMC Academy, Singapore)

BA (Hons) in Strategic Hospitality Management (Top Up)
BA (Hons) in Strategic Events Management (Top Up)


For Mass Communication Students

There is currently no relevant Bachelor’s degree offered by TMC Academy which will be delivered in Singapore. However, TMC Academy has established articulation agreements with the following Australian universities for Higher Diploma in Mass Communication:

Monash University

Advanced Standing of 48 credit points (maximum) out of 144 credit points.
Can articulate to Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Professional Communication, Bachelor of Arts (Journalism) and Bachelor of Arts (Professional Communication).

Griffith University

Advanced Standing of 120 credit points (maximum) out of 240 credit points.
Can articulate to Bachelor of Communication.

Deakin University

Advanced Standing of 8 credit points (maximum) out of 24 credit points.
Can articulate to Bachelor of Arts (Media and Communication).

Swinburne University of Technology

Advanced Standing of 150 credit points (maximum) out of 300 credit points.
Can articulate to Bachelor of Arts (Media and Communication).

Note that the student pass will be cancelled when the student is going overseas for his/her studies. The student pass will be re-applied by TMC for students choosing to return to Singapore for the last stage of the programme. The re-application of the student pass is also subject to the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority’s (ICA) approval.

Is my certificate awarded by TMC Academy or by the university partners recognised in either the public or private sectors?

  • This applies to degrees obtained full-time or part time, through distance-learning or twinning programmes, etc.
  • Civil Service will accept degrees which are accredited by the home government of the country where they University is situated in.
  • No government body accrediting or granting recognition to degrees conferred by overseas universities. (Read More)
  • Furthermore, for professional qualifications, the degrees must be recognised by the relevant professional bodies in Singapore to be considered for entry into Public Service.
  • In addition, potential employers will also consider other merits besides qualifications, such as leadership experience and track records.
  • This applies to the private sector too.

Can I become a psychologist after the completion of my degree programme in Psychology with TMC Academy? If not, what can I do with this degree certificate?

  • A postgraduate degree (Masters or Doctorate) in Applied Psychology from a recognised institution is one of the requirements in order to be accepted into the Singapore Register of Psychologists, which is governed by the Singapore Psychological Society (Read More).
  • Note that the Singapore Psychological Society does not accredit any offshore qualifications but instead will recognise those that are fully accredited by respective organisations such as the British Psychological Society (Read More). However, completion of this degree programme would be the first step in being accepted for entry into a postgraduate degree in Psychology from a recognised institution, as this degree is fully accredited by the British Psychological Society.
  • Completion of this degree would allow you to work in diverse fields nonetheless, and there may be some Psychology degree holders who have found jobs in Psychology-related fields.

I do not meet other course requirements to enter the course which I want. What can I do?

If you are not eligible for the Higher Diploma Programme:

  • You can take up and pass the Tertiary Foundation Programme, or the Preparatory Course for Admission to Government Schools AND Preparatory Course for GCE ‘O’ Level, or the Diploma programmes to qualify for entry into the respective Higher Diploma Programme (subject to getting minimum required grades).

If you are not eligible for the Bachelor’s Degree Programme:

  • Take up the relevant Higher Diploma Programme.

I am finishing my diploma/higher diploma, can I apply for the degree programme before my current course ends? Also, can I apply for the entire degree pathway (from diploma to degree programme) right from the start when I enrol in TMC Academy?

  • Yes, you may apply for the degree programme before the completion of your diploma/higher diploma course.
  • Do speak with our course consultant for details.

I am finishing my course and am planning to find a job immediately after I graduate. Can I get a transcript of my scores to show to my prospective employers?

  • Yes!

Do you offer a scholarship/award?

  • Yes, in TMC we offer a range of scholarships. Please view the Sponsorship and Grants section for more details.

What does it mean for TMC to have attained EduTrust (Validity Period: 4 Years)?

  • It is a voluntary scheme by the Committee for Private Education (CPE) for private education institutions in Singapore. However, it is also a pre-requisite for private education institutions to apply for the Student Pass for international students coming to enrol in them.
  • The EduTrust (Validity Period: 4 years) is given to a private education institution “for having achieved satisfactory to commendable performance in key areas of management and the provision of educational services.” (Read More)

Who do I contact for more information ?

How do I apply to study in TMC?

Do I have to come to Singapore personally to apply?

No it is not necessary. We can settle all applications via our TMC Student Recruitment Agent or email – it’s that simple!

Is it compulsory that I must apply via a student recruitment representative (‘Agent’) in my home country?

  • It is not compulsory, however we will strongly advise you to do so as our appointed Agents will be able to provide a comprehensive pre-course counselling including studying and living in Singapore, general information about TMC, course information such as programs, duration and fees as well as the documents to submit for a full application to TMC and for Immigration (for the student pass to study in Singapore).
  • TMC does not charge you any extra fee to apply via an Agent. So go ahead, get professional help from them!

Do I need to apply for a student pass? If so how do I apply for it?

  • If you are an International Student wishing to study full-time for an extended-duration (ie. more than 30 days) course in Singapore, you need to apply for a student pass. Unless you are currently holding any working pass and working in Singapore.
  • As a one-stop service centre, TMC will be processing the Student Pass entirely in Singapore. We will then advise you accordingly when the approval is ready. You only need to send us the documents (and of course the Application fee)!

Do I need Financial Proof of funds for my student pass processing? How much must I prove if so?

  • Not for all countries. Only students from China, India, Myanmar, Russia, Pakistan and other Visa-Required countries ( for a quick check, ask yourself if you need to apply for any visa to enter Singapore, if so you come from a Visa-Required country) need to provide Financial Statements as a Proof of Funds
  • For the complete list, check out Immigration and Checkpoints Authority of Singapore’s website: http://www.ica.gov.sg/
  • There is no indicated amount, but a sum of money that is enough to cover for at least 1 year of tuition fees and living expenses in Singapore will be a good guide to follow.

How long will the student pass processing take?

  • We have experienced a processing time of as fast as 2 weeks, to as long as more than 1 month. Hence we’ll advise any potential students to submit applications early!
  • At least 1.5 months before the course commencement date will be ideal!

I do not have any friends or relatives in Singapore, will TMC be able to help in arranging for accommodation? How much will the service fee be?

  • Yes! We partner with local hostels and provide our partner homestays too.
  • We see this as our duty to ensure that you are properly taken care of in Singapore, hence there is absolutely NO service fee for helping you!
  • Just pay the accommodation fees accordingly to the providers of course! Please click here for details.

Do you offer a scholarship/award?

  • Yes, in TMC we offer a range of scholarships. Please view the Sponsorship and Grants section for more details.

What are the living expenses like?

  • For a student staying in a typical twin-sharing room, paying for their own meals and traveling by bus or MRT, you can expect to spend around S$1000 to S$1200 per month.
  • Depending on your own budget, you can also opt for a single room or triple, quadruple room.

How do I travel around in Singapore?

  • Singapore is well-known for its efficient public transportation.
  • Generally people travel via the public buses, MRTs (the trains) or taxis, depending on their individual budgets.
  • For students, buses and MRTs are the most economical.
  • Our campus is conveniently located near Rochor MRT station (Downtown Line) – getting to school is easy!
  • There are other MRT stations around the vicinity of our campus, they are Bugis, Bras Basah, Little India, and Dhoby Ghaut MRT stations.
  • For more information on the transport routes, please visit: http://www.onemap.sg/
  • For information on fares and transport structures, please visit: http://www.transitlink.com.sg/

Will there be someone to pick me up from the airport when I arrive in Singapore?

  • We provide Airport Pickup and it’s FREE.*
  • Not just for you, but for your family members who may be coming along with you for the first time as well!
    (just take note that our van can only take in a minimum number of persons, hence do inform us in advance! Again this is where an Agent’s help can come in handy with all these liaison work!)

*You will be entitled for complimentary airport pick-up service if you stay on our partner student accommodation.

I heard that I need to go for a Medical Checkup in Singapore, how will this be done?

  • We will bring you down personally to the hospital to perform the required Medical Checkup.
  • After which, we will complete the procedures by bringing you to ICA again to collect your Student Pass Card.
  • Our Admissions department does not rest until they see you happily in class, so do not worry!

Will I have any Medical Insurance?

  • Yes, TMC is a school registered under the Committee for Private Education’s (www.cpe.gov.sg) Enhanced-Registration-Framework (ERF) and subscribes to the Edutrust scheme too.
  • Therefore all our international students (except for those non-student-pass holders) are required to have a Medical Insurance arranged by TMC.

Do I have to pay any deposits?

  • We are an SQC-PEO (official website) accredited institution and requires no Security Deposit.
  • It is also our policy never to collect Course Fee deposit.
  • Students only pay us the Course Fees when the student pass is approved.

How can I know my exact academic pathway?

  • In general at TMC Academy, our Bachelor pathways start from a Diploma (8 months) to a Higher Diploma (12 months) before leading on to a 2nd or 3rd Year degree directly.
  • We take in GCE O levels, GCE A levels, Year 11, Year 12 and above students into the Bachelor pathways.
  • However, students with advanced qualifications can also be considered for exemptions to enter into the Final Year bachelor directly.

How much are the course fees and how do I pay them?

  • You may refer to the course fee listing under each course.
  • Course Fees are collected up to twelve months of course fees at any one time.
  • For any course with a duration of more than 12 months, fees are collected by installments.
  • Courses fees are paid directly to TMC.
  • Payment modes include cash, cash, cheque made over TMC’s counters.

Can I work part-time?

  • The rules are that an international student on a student pass in a private school is NOT ALLOWED to work, unless granted special Work Pass (eg. a Hospitality student whose course includes an internship).
  • Students caught flouting this rule will have their student passes revoked and expelled from school.

Who do I contact for more information ?

  • You can contact us HERE!
  • We’ll be glad to assist!

Who is eligible to apply for TMC Alumni Membership?

  • All graduates of TMC are eligible to apply for the TMC Alumni Membership. So long as you have graduated from your diploma, degree or postgraduate programmes or any other TMC programmes, you are welcome to join TMC Alumni!

How much is the membership fee?

  • The TMC Alumni Membership is free of charge.

Is the membership renewable?

  • There is no need to renew the TMC Alumni Membership as it lasts for a lifetime.

Are TMC Alumni and University Partners Alumni the same?

  • TMC Alumni is set up by TMC Academy and it aims to connect all graduates of diploma, degree and postgraduate programmes as well as any other TMC programmes.
  • The university partners Alumni is set up by the respective universities and is a separate body from TMC Alumni.

How do I apply for TMC Alumni Membership?

You may apply online here.

What are the benefits and privileges that a TMC Alumni Member can enjoy?

  • We will upload the list of partnering merchants once the details are finalised. Stay tuned!