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SAFRA Study Grant

For All SAFRA applicants* and SAFRA Staff :

  1. 10% grant on course fee for TMC Foundation Diploma, Graduate Diploma and Higher Diploma programme.

  2. S$1,000 grant off course fee for TMC Final-year Top-up Bachelor Degree programmes (this cannot be used in conjunction with any progression discount for graduates of TMC Higher Diploma programmes).


There are 5 scholarships available for each category per calendar year. TMC will provide 50% grant on the course fee for the following categories:

  1. TMC Foundation / Professional/ Graduate Diploma and Higher Diploma programmes

  2. Final-year Top-up Bachelor Degree programmes offered and delivered at TMC

Note: Upon graduating from TMC Higher Diploma, the scholarship holders are not automatically given the 50% grant for the Final-year Top-Up Bachelor Degree programmes. Interested graduates would need to apply separately.


Applicants applying for the SAFRA-TMC Study Grant and Scholarship programme must satisfy the following eligibility criteria:

  1. Applicants must be Singapore citizen who have good academic and co-curricular activites records, strong language skills and demonstrate leadership qualities;

  2. Applicants must not already be a degree holder;

  3. Applicants may only apply for either one type of Study grant or scholarship for any one programme at any one time; and

  4. Applicants must meet the entry requirements stipulated by TMC and its partners, if relevant, from time to time for the relevant programmes.

Important Note:

Applicants are subjected to TMC Academy and SAFRA’s eligibility criteria. Interviews are required for scholarship application. Terms and conditions apply.

* Refers to SAFRA’s Ordinary A (except NSFs), Ordinary B and Life members; refer to SAFRA website for the categories.

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