Master’s Degree

For Bachelor Degree holders or equivalent

Master’s Degree

For Bachelor Degree holders or equivalent

Why Study UK MBA @ TMC Academy?

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Start with a strong foundation

Attain a MBA or Executive MBA in 2 stages. Starting with our Postgraduate Diploma in Management Studies and Leadership (PGDMSL) programme, students are prepared for the rigorous academic expectations in the final stage of the MBA/Executive MBA.


 A globally recognised postgraduate qualification for ambitious, motivated professionals and graduates

The University of Northampton MBA/ EMBA courses are carefully designed to offer in-depth knowledge of all critical business areas and functions. Research shows that graduates with a MBA/ EMBA qualification significantly increase their earning potential and can make a return on investment of their tuition fees within a few years (Source: Graduate Prospects). Obtaining an MBA/ EMBA can lead to promotion or generate a pathway into more senior roles, as well as creating an opportunity for those looking to change direction in their career.


Central Campus Location

Commute to school with ease, and enjoy a wide range of lifestyle amenities within close proximity to our centrally located campus.

Complete Executive MBA Lessons within 14 Months

Upholding the high standards of a UK Master’s qualification, the curriculum and delivery of the programme is designed to be time-effective and hence, cost-effective. Classroom learning can be completed within 8 months, followed by a dissertation.


Evening / Weekend Class for Executive MBA

Two weekend class per month per module for busy working executives.


Overseas Learning & Networking for Executive MBA

Students have the opportunity to study overseas for selected modules. This brings about dynamic learning and presents valuable networking opportunities for working executives.

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Partner University

The University of Northampton is a UK university established in 1924. The university is awarded Gold – the highest possible mark – in the UK Government’s Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF). The TEF is the only system introduced by the UK government that assesses the quality of teaching in the universities in England. The most recent U.K. University League Tables 2020 sees the University of Northampton among the top 100 universities in the U.K. (Source: The Guardian, U.K.)

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University of Northampton MBA and Executive MBA

Incorporating TMC Postgraduate Diploma in Management Studies and Leadership

Executive MBA (EMBA) Pathway MBA Pathway
Programme Mode Part-time Full-time
No. of Modules (including Postgraduate Diploma) 8 + dissertation (1 module conducted in Yangon and another module conducted in Ho Chi Minh City) 10 + dissertation
Duration (including Postgraduate Diploma) 14 months (Classroom learning can be completed within 8 months, followed by 3 to 6 months of dissertation) 16 months
Academic Requirement Completed a Bachelor’s Degree
English Proficiency Completed Bachelor’s Degree where medium of instruction is in English or IELTS 6.5 or equivalent
Work Experience Designed for experienced professionals, candidates are required to have a minimum of 2 years management experience prior to enrolling in the programme. Designed for candidates with little or no working experience.
Level of Focus Focuses on real-world applicability and addresses the needs of mid to senior level managers. Focuses more on the academic fundamentals and aims to enhance students’ knowledge and understanding of business management.
Class Format Centres primarily on case studies and projects. Designed to leverage on students’ experience and expertise from different industries, majority of the learning comes from the exchange between peers as well as between students and lecturers.

Includes overseas learning for exposure and networking.

Centres primarily on course work and theory. The flow of knowledge is general from the lecturer to the student.
Teaching Style Lecturers take on the role of facilitators, offering guidance as well as sharing their own perspectives and experiences in a dynamic exchange with students. Generally more lecture-based as lecturers provide students with more academic fundamentals, and guiding them through case studies.