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Hospitality management education: Perception towards hospitality management courses in Asia

Hospitality / tourism management is one of the fastest growing industries. One among 8 workers are employed in this industry worldwide (UNWTO). Many nations are considering this industry as the primary industry in terms of economic benefits as well as overall development as of the country. Asia has considerable amount of examples like Thailand, a country practicing various forms of tourism.

Hospitality industry, being part of tourism industry is perceived in a very different way in Asia when compared to other parts of the world. The region is known for people’s hospitality. However, hospitality education is still perceived as a low level / blue collar job hence the hesitation in certain societies in Asia.

Recently people’s perception towards hotel and hospitality management education has been changing. The programme is not merely about culinary skills, stewarding / waiters, but hospitality management courses could groom students for success in ever-expanding hospitality sector. Hotels are also businesses; these students are running a business and not ending up as waiters in their whole life. Moreover, the opportunities are not limited to domestic boundaries as the industry is not just in Asia. Skilled manpower in this industry is of greater demand in the global arena.

This perception ends up in more large scale issues like labor shortage in the hospitality industry. Singapore for example is facing acute labor shortage in this industry. Along with localization of the workforce it has become difficult for the industry to cope up with tremendous tourism growth in the region.

At TMC Academy we develop students with industry relevant skills to suit the needs of this industry. The courses offered at TMC provide an exciting educational journey from Higher Diploma to Masters Degree with a few courses having 6 months internship / industry attachment. With the industry attachment, students can acquire the skills necessary for the hospitality industry which is beautifully supported with the theory in a variety of related subjects.

Lijush ChakkaraKunimel Ex-Senior Lecturer School of Tourism, Hospitality & Culinary Arts TMC Academy


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