To provide wholesome student services, we offer comprehensive counselling services to address students’ needs at each stage of their education journey with us.


Pastoral Counselling

TMC provides pastoral Counselling Service to assist students to gain balance in their academic and personal well-being. The TMC counselling service provides information, prevention, intervention and referral services on psychological, educational and emotional issues and concerns.

Dr Ang Chin-Siang (Austin) is a qualified and certified psychologist at TMC. Prior to joining the TMC Academy, he earned a Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Human Development and a PhD in Developmental Psychology. Dr Austin has been practicing since 2010 and has extensive professional psychotherapy experience, which allows him to handle cases pertaining to mental illness, behaviour issues, automatic negative thinking, emotional difficulties, learning problems, relationship problems, and etc. Among his students and clients, he achieves a high success rate in helping them find a positive outcome. While working as a senior lecturer at several institutions for seven years, Dr Austin has been responsible for providing pastoral care to the students, choosing and administering psychological tests designed to evaluate students’ aptitudes, interests, intelligence, and abilities. When working with students with psychological issues, he uses case histories, interviews, surveys, projective tools, and observation techniques to gather information about their conditions. As a result of his data collection, he would create individual treatment plans with measurable goals for students to meet and provide evidence-based interventions. By adopting a non-judgemental, person-driven approach, he enables students to face their challenges and to achieve their potentials in a safe and validated environment. Dr Austin also conducts training, seminars, and workshops for adults, parents, practitioners, and students on topics including psycho-emotional health, positive psychology, psychometric tools, effective parenting, and life skills. Having a deep concern for intersectionality within the educational setting, Dr Austin is working hard to support those with special needs and those who are disadvantaged.

Students can make appointments (in person, by telephone or email) to meet Dr Austin for private consultations and/or they can be identified and referred to the psychologist by Student Services and Support and Academics. Students can be assisted to find solutions on the following issues:

  • Transition to higher levels of learning
  • Procrastination, motivation and other academic problems
  • Self-esteem and confidence issues
  • Stress, anxiety and depression management
  • Difficulties in interpersonal relationships (peers, parents, etc.)
  • Cultural and diversity awareness
  • Time management

Counselling Services

TMC Counselling Service helps students in:

  • Individual counselling for adjustment or interpersonal problems
  • Career path/career guidance
  • Prevention educations (drugs, gambling, alcohol and other issues)
  • Consultation to students, parents, faculty and staff
  • Referral assistance (when additional services are needed)

Career Guidance Programmes

The TMC Counselling Service also provides learning venues through various seminars and trainings to guide students in their career choices and options to pursue academic programs at TMC and its partner schools and universities. Student can approach the Student Recruitment & Marketing department for details on the programmes and universities.

Counselling on Poor Attendance

Student Services and Support and the Academics work closely to counsel students with poor attendance rate. Every month Warning Letters are generated and sent to students who do not meet the minimum attendance requirements. The Student Services and Support and the Academics will meet them one-to-one for counselling and to identify the symptoms of stress or abnormalities in the students.


The Academics will be roped in to help if students’ poor attendance was due to difficulties of coping in their studies. The academics will monitor them. Should the problem persist or the student is still not doing well, the case will be referred to the School Counsellor.

Mentoring Session

TMC Academy provides free and confidential psychological counselling services. Qualified and experienced psychologist is available to guide students to solutions for pressing concerns and personal difficulties.


In some cases, the school psychologist may refer students to professional counselling services provided by government bodies, professional associations or registered non-government organisations.