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Why choose University of Northampton?

The University of Northampton is centrally situated in the heart of Northampton and within easy travelling distance of London, Birmingham and other major cities. Established in 1924, The University of Northampton was formally known as Northampton Technical College and after years of progression and succession, it is now recognised as full university status.

The University of Northampton offers its students an outstanding academic experience, filled with learning and teaching excellence, and an exciting and stimulating life both on and off campus. With the power to award its own research degrees, The University of Northampton is also notable for high student’s employability rate, outstanding teaching approaches, student’s social innovation and social impact and excellent student experience. Apart from that, the university has strong links with a number of professional bodies and organisations in the local area and further afield, and its programmes are designed to meet both students’ educational needs and the needs of industry and commerce.



TEF Gold Logo For University of Northampton @ TMC Academy
The University of Northampton has been awarded Gold – the highest possible mark – in the Government’s Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF).

The official judgement by the Government’s review states:

Based on the evidence available, the TEF Panel judged that the University of Northampton delivers consistently outstanding teaching, learning and outcomes for its students.

It is of the highest quality found in the UK.

What is the TEF?

In brief, the TEF is a league table where universities, colleges and private providers are judged on the quality of the education they provide. The TEF is run by the Government and is therefore ‘official’, unlike other league tables.

The Government has introduced the TEF as a way of

  • better informing students’ choices about what and where to study
  • raising esteem for teaching
  • recognising and rewarding excellent teaching
  • better meeting the needs of employers, business and industry

What does TEF Gold mean for students at Northampton?

If you study with us you will know that

  • our teaching and outcomes for students are officially the highest quality found in the UK
  • we were given gold because we offer very high levels of support to our students and put you first

Only 42 other universities have achieved gold so you will be choosing one of the best teaching universities in the UK.




Unique Teaching Standards

University of Northampton is committed to providing its students with the very best learning experience possible.

The ambitious academic community undertakes extensive research and consultancy work, bringing real-world experiences and insights to their teaching.

The programmes have the perfect balance of theoretical learning, critical analysis and practical application.