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Equivalent to 1st & 2nd Year of a UK Degree for A Level holders or equivalent



For O Level holders or equivalent

Why Study Mass Communication @ TMC Academy

Stay Industry-relevant

TMC Academy Industry Advisory Board (IAB) is formed by external industry members, to mainly facilitate the review and continuous improvement of the curriculum, and monitor current industry practice and future trends. This practice guides the school to equip students with industry-relevant skills.


Gain Plenty of Learning and Networking Opportunities 

  • Our strong partnerships with companies provide a platform for students to work on industry projects, allowing them to apply theory on real projects.
  • Our Student Chapter membership with Institute of Public Relations of Singapore (IPRS) allows students to benefit from the institution’s extended professional network.
  • Students are invited to attend industry workshops and events to gain valuable insights from the industry experts, learning beyond the classroom.

Association with Institute of Public Relations of Singapore (IPRS)

TMC Academy is proud to collaborate with the Institute of Public Relations of Singapore (IPRS) to allow our students to benefit from their extended professional network.

The IPRS-TMC Student Chapter aims to:

  • Enhance student members’ participation and student development in the PR industry
  • Establish possible internships with established PR and media firms in Singapore
  • Create opportunities for student members to attend networking events and gain advice and mentorship from IPRS mentors. Refer to event articles here and here.


Click here for more information on IPRS-TMC Student Chapter.

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