Alexander Dibble | TMC Academy Hawthorn Lecture

Alexander comes from the United States of America and enjoys a bit of reading, drawing, and watching movies. He has three brothers whose names also start with the letter ‘A’.

Alexander teaches at Hawthorn and is able to teach a range from Beginner to Academic English levels. Within each level he helps students learn new words, grammar, speaking, reading, writing, and other skills while involving interesting activities when possible.

Alexander’s teaching focuses on being patient while guiding students in the right direction to help them improve in a comfortable environment. Respect from him and from the students is a key part of his class. He feels that learning life lessons like how to treat other people in common situations is just as important as learning subject material. Learning those life lessons in the English language makes it all the better.


Don’t fret while in Alexander’s class, as there are simple guidelines for each topic to make understanding ideas easier. After the basic practice is completed, an activity is introduced when possible to allow the students to use the language in a more fun environment. Activities may include matching games, story building, conversation practice, etc.

Alexander Dibble Hawthorn Class Ongoing

Alexander Dibble Hawthorn Class

When you learn English, always remember to keep trying and that each person learns differently. Some people may learn quicker with worksheets, while others learn quicker with outdoor real life experience with the language. Just try to use English as much as you can and you will improve!