Why Study English @ TMC Academy?

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  • Established since 1981 in Singapore

  • Awarded 4-Year EduTrust Certification

  • Conveniently Located in Central Singapore

  • Easily Accessible by Bus and Train Services

  • Voted Preferred Private Education Institute

  • Every Step With You, in the pursuit of success!

English Learning Made Fun

  • Dynamic and interactive classes
  • Hawthorn clubs and programmes to enhance learning
  • Excursions every school term
  • Make friends from all corners of the world!

Conducive Learning Environment

  • Low teacher-student ratio – you get the attention required to learn effectively.
  • Students may approach teachers who are stationed at the Independent Learning Centre to assist with school work.

Experienced International Teachers

  • Learn from teachers from the UK, the US, Europe and Singapore!
  • Our native English speaking teachers bring with them a strong English foundation with innovative teaching methods.

Exclusive Benefits & Support for Students Taking IETLS

  • As an official referral agent for IETLS, our students have access to exclusive benefits and support. Speak to us for more information.

Hawthorn Language School

Hawthorn Language School is an academic unit under TMC Academy.

The Hawthorn English Programme was established by the University of Melbourne, Australia, in 1986. In 2003, TMC Academy took on the franchise of Hawthorn Singapore, which is a part of the worldwide network of Hawthorn Language Centres. From 2009, Hawthorn Singapore became fully independent under TMC Academy, and continues to deliver the same rigorous and high quality English programmes under the brand name Hawthorn Language School.

Get a head start at Hawthorn Language School by developing a strong foundation as you hone your reading, writing, listening and speaking skills.

We offer nine levels of English from Beginner to Advanced English. We also offer a preparatory course for the IELTS examination upon request.

IELTS (International English Language Testing System)

IELTS (International English Language Testing System) is the global leading high stake English test which is recognised by over 10,000 organisations.  The IELTS test has two test format, IELTS Academic test and General Training test; both are designed to serve different purposes.

The IELTS Academic test is mainly required by universities or academic institutions as part of an entrance requirement test to demonstrate the student has the necessary English proficiency level to meet the rigorous course subjects delivered by the universities or academic institutions the individual has applied to.

The IELTS General Training test is mainly required by government organisation as part of the individual / applicant migration application process to demonstrate the individual / applicant has the necessary English competency level to communicate in English once they have relocated to the new country.

IDP Education Limited is the co-owner of IELTS and we have appointed TMC Academy as a “Referral Agent”.  Please approach TMC Academy for further details on how we can serve your IELTS needs.

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Hawthorn Teachers Profile

Alison Photo

Alison Johnstone

Hawthorn English Teacher

Andrew | TMC Academy Hawthorn Lecture


Hawthorn English Teacher

Ashley Mark

Hawthorn English Teacher

Diego Musitelli

Hawthorn English Teacher

Shan Dani | TMC Academy Hawthorn Lecture

Shan Dani

Hawthorn English Teacher

Hawthorn Clubs & Activities

Hawthorn excursions give students the opportunity to apply their English skills outside the classroom, in real-life settings.

Take pictures and improve your English, as you describe what you see to your classmates!

Learn new vocabulary and improve your listening skill while watching a movie!

If you want to improve your English speaking skills, all you need to do is SPEAK and LISTEN.

Work with a variety of materials to develop your creative expression! Fun project themes available for each session.

Music is a language the whole world speaks. Learn English phrases while moving to the beat!

Hawthorn NOW Magazine

Hawthorn NOW is a quarterly publication featuring articles contributed by Hawthorn English students. Topics include letter writing and reports on class activities/excursions.

With this series of published works, the Hawthorn English Programme aims to instill pride in students and boost their confidence in English literacy. You may view the publications here, or read selected articles here.

Student Testimonials

Academic Pathway at TMC Academy

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