Work in a Team

16 hours (14.5 hours of training and 1.5 hours of assessments)
Monthly Intake
TMC Academy


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Course Objectives

This course aims to equip participants with the skills to provide team support to team members while taking into consideration diversity issues and to apply effective communication techniques to achieve individual and team goals.

Course Content

Topics cover: Definition of organisational vision, mission and goals Different roles played by team members Interdependence of roles within a team Importance of maintaining open communication within a team Effects of trust, respect and support within a team Diversity issues and their impact on communication Relevant parties from whom one can seek feedback, advice and assistance Effects of organisational, industry and legislative requirements and work performance standards and/or targets on attainment of individual, team and organisational goals Organisational policies, limits of autonomy and span of control.

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  • 2 days (16.00 hours)

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  • Define and align team goals with departmental and organisational goals
  • Define own and individual roles within the team and work within the team and organisation dynamics
  • Maintain open communication with team members by sharing information
  • Listen to and contribute ideas and skills using appropriate communication techniques to achieve team goals
  • Demonstrate trust, respect and support towards team members in daily activities to achieve team goals
  • Identify potential areas of conflict with team members and methods to overcome them, taking into consideration diversity issues
  • Identify and resolve issues and concerns through collaborative activities with supervisor
  • Demonstrate responsibility and commitment for work done and to the achievement of individual and team goals
  • Accept and provide feedback, advice and assistance in a considerate and constructive manner to accomplish task assigned
  • Recommend improvements to established policies and procedures in a proactive manner


  • Professionals, managers and executives
  • For those employed in supervisory and non-supervisory positions across all sectors
Full Fee (Excluding GST) $380.00
GST 7%
Total Course Fee $406.60