Preparatory Course for Associate Financial Planner Examination

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Full Time: 4 months
Part Time: 4 months
Upon Request
TMC Academy

CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™/CFP® certification represents the gold standard of financial planning and wealth management. CFP® certificants are seen as the cream of the crop within the financial planning and wealth management industries.


100% Examination

Examinations are held by the Financial Planning Association of Singapore (FPAS) three times a year – in April, July and October/November.


Teaching and learning

There will be a combination of guided studies, lectures, and tutorials.

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The applicant can opt to start with the entry level Associate Financial Planner (AFPCM) certification by completing the following module. The AFPCM certification trains the individual to be competent to recommend general financial planning strategies and to advise on the appropriate selection and use of various financial products.

Each module has 27 classroom hours.

  • Foundations in Financial Planning


18 years old

Academic Qualification

Any of the following:

  • a full GCE A Level certificate (is 2 ‘A’s and 2 ‘O’s)
  • minimum 3 years of working experience in any profession

English Proficiency

Qualification taught and examinated in English


18 years old

Academic Qualification

Year 12 or equivalent qualification

English Proficiency

IELTS 5.5 if the qualification is not examinated in English

It is important to achieve regular attendance and meet the attendance requirement stipulated by the authorities (eg. Immigration and Checkpoints Authority of Singapore) and TMC. Failure to meet the requirement will lead to the following:

  • Rejection of Student Pass on re-application/renewal for international students.
  • Expulsion where students do not make any improvement in their attendance rate and/or consistently absent from class despite warnings and counselling given in accordance with the school policy

Attendance Requirement is as follows:

Module Attendance
For all propriety students, module attendance is required to be eligible for work to be assessed and sit for examination. The minimum module attendance is:

  • Full-time: 80% for Hawthorn and proprietary programs students and 75% for TMC College Students.
  • Part-time: 60% (minimum 75% is required for SSG-funded students)

Monthly Attendance:
All full-time international students must meet a monthly attendance of 90% required by ICA. Student pass shall be subjected to cancellation if the monthly attendance is not met continuously.

Full-time local students enrolled in courses that do not have module attendance requirement must meet a monthly attendance of 75%. Local students enrolled in external degree courses shall be subject to relevant university’s regulations regarding attendance.

Academic Fee

Academic fee for Associate Financial Planner / AFPCM Certification (Module 1) OR individual module +

  • With Lecture: S$725

The fees cover the tuition and/or study materials fees and do not include the Initial Certification Application fee, examination fee, FPAS membership fee which are payable to Financial Planning Association of Singapore (FPAS).


Fundings Available

  • Up to 95% SSG Funding
  • 15% discount off course fees for charter member. Charter member refers to applicant who, at the time of enrollment for each module, are solely contracted or directly employed by FPAS Charter Member companies. An original supporting letter from the company and/or current authorization employment card must be provided.


Non-Academic Fee
Application Fee: S$100


Fee Protection Scheme
0.75% of (Course fee less grant + Medical insurance) OR S$25 whichever is higher


Medical insurance



  • Course Fees subject to prevailing GST of 7%
  • + The training grant is for Singapore Citizen and Permanent Residents of Singapore of companies registered or incoporated in Singapore. Trainees or Companies who are interested to apply for the SDF funding must submit a training grant application via and must inform the school via at least 14 days before the course orientation date. Please note that the training grant amount indicated here does not include absentee payroll (AP) funding as this is dependent on the trainee’s hourly basic salary (other than for trainees supported by surrogate Employers, where AP is computed on flat rate independent of salary).