Preparatory Course for International English Language Testing System (IELTS)

Language Course 2017

Full-time : 2 months
Upon Request
International English Language Testing System (IELTS)



In the IELTS Preparatory Course, students will refine their language skills in speaking, writing, reading, and listening in preparation for the IELTS exam. During the course, students will be taught the format and structure of the exam, as well as important exam strategies. It is recommended that students take the Advanced English classes before taking the IELTs course.

As an official referral agent for IETLS, our students have access to exclusive benefits and support. We also pride ourselves on the quality of our teachers and our class size. Our smaller size means heightened teacher/student interaction.

This course can be completed in 8 weeks. 4 hours daily for the first 4 weeks, and 3 hours daily for the last 4 weeks.

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At least 14 years old

Academic Qualification

At least 6 years of formal education

English Proficiency

Pass Hawthorn Placement Test at Pre-intermediate (previously known as Intermediate 1) level

Applicants with an English proficiency level equivalent to a pass at Hawthorn Intermediate A (previously known as Intermediate 2) level may be admitted subject to undertaking Learning Support classes*, for which they will be charged a fee.


Preparatory Course for IELTS Short Course: IELTS Preparation
Application Fee $214.00 $214.00
Course Fee $2,976.74 $1,431.13
Administrative Fee
International Student Admin Fee* $695.50 $695.50
Medical Insurance $85.60 $85.60
Fee Protection Scheme $28.18 $16.59
Total Programme Fee Excluding Application Fee
$3786.02 $2228.82

*International Student Admin Fee is charged once for bundled courses. Students not on bundled course will be charged an additional $367.50 International Student Admin fee if they progress to the next course.


All fees indicated are in Singapore Dollars (SGD) and inclusive of GST unless stated otherwise. Course fee excludes application fee.


  1. Bundle discount will be given to students who bundle Hawthorn with other courses. Please consult the Student Recruitment, Student Admission or Student Service department for details.
  2. The fees for IELTS courses include textbooks but exclude IELTS exam registration fee.