Everyday English (Short Course)

Language Course 2017

3 sessions x 3 hours per block
Upon Request
Customised class available based on corporate request
TMC Academy



About The Course

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The course that addresses the daily English Language needs of foreign employees


TMC Academy, the well-established private education powerhouse, has launched a new course that addresses the daily English Language needs of foreign employees, and aim to help them improve their communicative skills.

We offer specific, simplified, and customised short-courses. Our English courses are designed to suit the level of your employees. Some areas of customisation may include:

  • Everyday Social and Business English (formerly English for everyday speaking needs)
  • Retail and Sales related English
  • Hospitality (including Hotels, Restaurants) Relations English
  • Customer Service related English

Our teachers will teach participants how to:

  • approach and respond to customers in light conversational manner
  • answer phone calls, and provide useful information to the second parties
  • reply to simple emails in effective English
  • apply common vocabulary in every day’s life and work settings
  • make small talk and exchange pleasantries with English speaking customers, colleagues, or friends

Most of all, participants will become confident in using English on a daily basis.

Course Fees

All fees indicated are in Singapore Dollars (SGD).