Certified Financial Planner Certification
Module 4:
Investment Planning

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24 Hr(s)
2 weekdays per week over 4 Week(s)
Every Tuesday and Thursday
Every first Tuesday of the Month
Financial Planning Association of Singapore (FPAS)


Financial Planning

The objectives of this programme are to enable participants to recognise clients with sophisticated investment needs and gather sufficient information to conduct a detailed investment needs analysis. Recommend suitable investment products and/or asset allocation strategy to meet client’s needs.


Assessments are conducted by the Financial Planning Association of Singapore (FPAS).

Investment Planning


18 years old

Academic Qualification

Any of the followings:

  • GCE A level
  • Diploma
  Course Fee (with GST) FPAS

Exam Fee

(with GST)

Total Fees (with GST)
Fees $1,179.00 $321.00 $1,500.00
90% IBF-STS fee Subsidy

(end 31/12/2021)

1,061.10 288.90 1,350.00
5% IBF Credit fee Subsidy

(end 31/12/2020)

58.95 16.05 75.00
Total Subsidies $1,120.05 $304.95 $1,425.00
*Fee Payable after Subsidies $58.95 $16.05 $75.00
Self-sponsored individuals (SC/PRs) can receive $10 per training hour for completing the programme under the Training Allowance Grant (TAG)

(end 31/12/2020)

24 Hrs X $10 = $240.00
Financial Institutions can receive $15 per training hour after employees complete training under the Training Allowance Grant (TAG)

(end 31/12/2020)

24 Hrs X $15 = $360.00


*Fee Payable after subsidies can be pay by SkillsFuture Credit for Self-sponsored individuals


Information on Institute of Banking and Finance Singapore (IBF) Fee Subsidy