Certificate in English

Language Course 2017

Total: 12 months
( 7 levels )
Beginner: 10 weeks
Elementary: 5 weeks
Intermediate 1: 5 weeks
Intermediate 2: 5 weeks
Advanced 1: 5 weeks
Advanced 2: 5 weeks
Academic English: 5 weeks

Holiday English (short course):
1-4 weeks
January / February / March / April / May / June / July / August / September / October / November
TMC Academy



Students will build a solid foundation of English skills they can use to communicate in vocational, casual and academic environments. We emphasise speaking, writing, reading, and listening, as well as grammar. Classes are designed so that students have many opportunities to communicate with their classmates.


Holiday English
Holiday short course available for international student groups
Duration: 1-4 weeks

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Course assessment
Assessment of the modules includes examinations, assignments, projects, presentations, class tests, and/or practical tests.


Mode of Delivery
Lectures, tutorials and independent learning are employed. To make sure that students have a clear understanding of the concepts, tutorials are used to re-emphasize the key areas.

Independent learning involves pupils taking the initiative in recognizing learning requirements and undertaking activities to meet them. These activities could take the form of research, tutorial exercises, review questions and coursework.

Programme Levels

  • Beginner
  • Elementary
  • Intermediate 1 and 2
  • Advanced 1 and 2
  • Academic English


The Beginner to Advanced 2 levels focus on:

  • Oral communication skills
  • Fluency and accuracy in spoken language
  • Understanding a broad variety of English speakers
  • Reading and understanding a range of texts in English
  • Expanding vocabulary
  • Writing accurately and fluently in a variety of styles
  • Developing the skills and confidence to use English beyond the classroom environment


The Academic English curriculum focuses on:

  • Note taking
  • Study skills, vocabulary building
  • Listening for gist and meaning
  • Reading – skimming, scanning, reading for meaning
  • Academic writing (topic sentences, supporting sentences, paragraphs, organisation; essays and reviews)
  • Library research, resources, and fact checking


Graduation Requirements

Students who successfully complete and pass the levels signed up for will be awarded the ­Certificate in English from TMC Academy.

Age At least 14 years old* during the year of the course (Students who are at least 11 years old can be accepted if they are progressing to the Preparatory Course for Admission to Government School.)
Academic Qualification Year 8 or equivalent qualification
English Proficiency Students will take Hawthorn Placement Test to determine the entry level if there is no formal proof of English proficiency level.

* Students who are below 14 years old may be accepted on a case-by-case basis and be approved by any Hawthorn teacher.

Note: Skype interviews will be conducted in addition to the offshore placement test for international students who are enrolling directly to TMC proprietary courses.

Hawthorn Level Entry Requirement (any of the following) Expected level upon completion
(based on IELTS score)
Beginner < IELTS 3.0 < 405 < 100 < 30 < 325 3.0
Elementary IELTS 3.0 405 100 30 325 3.5
Intermediate 1 IELTS 3.5
(no component < 3)
425 115 35 350 4.0

Intermediate 2

(no component < 3.5)
440 130 40 400 4.5
Advanced 1 IELTS 4.5
(no component <4)
480 160 50 450 5.0
Advanced 2 IELTS 5.0 500 175 60 500 5.5

It is important to achieve regular attendance and meet the attendance requirement stipulated by the authorities (eg. Immigration and Checkpoints Authority of Singapore) and TMC. Failure to meet the requirement will lead to the following:

  • Rejection of Student Pass on re-application/renewal for international students.
  • Expulsion where students do not make any improvement in their attendance rate and/or consistently absent from class despite warnings and counselling given in accordance with the school policy

Attendance Requirement is as follows:

Module Attendance
For all propriety students, module attendance is required to be eligible for work to be assessed and sit for examination:

  • The minimum module attendance is normally 80% for full-time, 60% for part-time (75% for SSG-funded part-time students)
  • Special consideration will only be given to students with valid reasons.

Monthly Attendance:
All full-time international students must meet a monthly attendance of 90%. Student pass shall be subjected to cancellation if the monthly attendance is not met continuously.

Full-time local students enrolled in Hawthorn English courses, TMC College preparatory courses and external degree courses must meet a monthly attendance of 75%. Local students enrolled in external degree courses shall be subject to relevant university’s regulations regarding attendance.

Administrative Fee
(New Student / TMC’s Existing / Local Transfer Student)

All the course fees stated below are inclusive of course materials, examination fee and lab fee unless stated otherwise. Repeat fees and other administrative fees are listed in the Miscellaneous Fee List.

Single / Bundled Programs

Application Fees: $200
International Student Administrative Fee: $650

Existing / Local Transfer

Application Fees: $100
International Student Administrative Fee: $350

Fee Protection Scheme Fee

0.75% of (Course Fee less grant + Medical Insurance + International Student Administrative Fee) OR $25 whichever is higher

Medical Insurance Fee

$80 Per Course Per Year
All fees subject to prevailing GST of 7%

Hawthorn Level Course Fees (excluding GST)
Beginner (10 weeks) $3,400
Elementary (5 weeks) $1,700
Intermediate 1 (5 weeks) $1,700
Intermediate 2 (5 weeks) $1,700
Advanced 1 (5 weeks) $1,700
Advanced 2 (5 weeks) $1,700
Academic English (5 weeks) $1,700


All fees indicated are in Singapore Dollars (SGD).


  1. Bundle discount will be given to students who bundle Hawthorn with other courses. Please consult the Student Recruitment, Student Admission or Student Service department for details.
  2. The fees for IELTS courses include textbooks but exclude IELTS exam registration fee.

Application Fee


Course Fee
$340 per week, up to 4 weeks (exclusive of GST)


All fees indicated are in Singapore Dollars (SGD).