The Examination Board is a sub-committee of the Academic Board and is responsible for ensuring that academic standards are maintained through fair and rigorous assessment procedures in accordance with relevant rules, award regulations and requirements of accreditation and validation authorities.


  • Ms. Malgorzata Maria Kucmierczyk (Chair)
  • Mr. Ashok Kumar S/O Kottasamy
  • Mr. Tng Choon Hock
  • Ms. Citra Darmawan
  • Dr. Sunil Selvarajan


Ms. Malgorzata Maria Kucmierczyk

Ms. Malgorzata received her Master’s in Tourism and Leisure from University of Physical Education in Cracow. She has held various positions within industry in both hospitality and education.

Mr. Fredrick Cabanes

Mr Fredrick Cabanes, Academic Director, holds a Master of Education in Curriculum and Teaching from Nanyang Technological University, as well as a Master of Business in Enterprise Resource Planning from Victoria University. Mr Cabanes is a Certified Public Accountant with many years of working experience in managerial role at banking industry. During his over fifteen years of tenure in education industry, he has taught different levels of courses and held various roles. He had been a Head of School for many years with outstanding track record.


Mr. Ashok Kumar S/O Kottasamy

Mr. K. Ashok Kumar graduated with a Bachelor in Business Administration degree from National University of Singapore. He holds a Chartered Accountant (Singapore) qualification and ACCA certification together with a Specialist Diploma. Prior to joining TMC Academy, he held managerial experience in Finance and Company Accounts portfolios for more than 10 years.

Mr Tng

Mr. Tng Choon Hock

Mr. Tng has over thirty years of experience in the private education space. During his 30-year career, Mr Tng has held various roles in the private education industry, including Center Manager, Academic & Curriculum Development Head, and Principal Lecturer. He holds a Master of Arts in Educational Management from NTU/NIE, Singapore


Ms. Citra Darmawan

Ms Citra obtained her Bachelor of Arts from National University of Singapore.

Since she joined TMC Academy in 2011, she has involved in various operation within Registrar Office division, ranging from Student Services, Course Planning, Examination and Quality Assurance. Throughout her many years of service in TMC, she went through a number of audit and gained valuable knowledge and experience. She is well versed in Company’s internal processes as well as external regulatory bodies’ compliance.


Dr. Sunil Selvarajan

Dr Sunil Selvarajan is a counselling psychologist working at TMC Academy. He received his Doctor of Philosophy from the National University of Singapore and his Master of Counselling from the University of Queensland. Dr Sunil has had an extensive experience counselling students from diverse backgrounds in local educational institutions.