We have a pool of dedicated academic staff supported by a large pool of part-time academic staff from the industry to guide our students in gaining well-balanced knowledge and perspectives in the course of their studies.

Teacher’s Creed

I am committed to:

1. start and end class on schedule
2. be well-prepared for lessons
3. engage students in their learning
4. be friendly and approachable
5. maintain high standards and fair practice in assessing students’ performance
6. upgrade my professional skills and knowledge
7. regularly review and improve student materials and curriculum
8. share best practices and experiences with each other
9. collaborate with colleagues to achieve organizational goals
10. be true to our mission to bring out the best in our students
11. to win the trust of stakeholders to enable us to achieve our mission
12. be able to guide our students to be good global citizens
13. understand students’ needs and go the extra mile to provide guidance
14. be prompt in responding to students’ feedback and queries
15. be sincere in providing learning support to students
16. be accessible to students (provide contact details to students)
17. treat students with care and respect and be every step with them