Executive MBA – The Smart Choice for Working Professionals

We have officially launched the Executive MBA (EMBA) pathway programme, tailored for local working adults with managerial experience, who wish to pursue career advancement through a qualification upgrade but are held back by their busy schedules and/or unable to cope with the typical hefty course fees.

The EMBA pathway programme is developed by the University of Northampton, incorporating TMC Postgraduate Diploma in Management Studies and Leadership. At the initial stage, students have the opportunity to receive a TMC Postgraduate Diploma in Management Studies and Leadership, which constitutes the first 120 credits of the total 180 credits in the EMBA programme. The final stage of the EMBA, awarded by the University of Northampton, constitutes the last 60 credits of the total 180 credits in the EMBA programme. It is designed to enhance the knowledge and skills that you will develop during the Postgraduate Diploma study; focusing on real-world applicability.

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What our EMBA pathway programme offers as a solution to address the needs of working adults

  • Programme fees: S$20,060.54^. The most affordable amongst private education institutions (PEIs) in Singapore, which averages around $30K. That’s considerably a large saving especially for those who may have many financial commitments.
  • Evening/ weekend classes so there’s minimal disruption to your work schedule.
  • The course can be completed within 14 months, as compared to other PEIs at an average of 18 – 24 months. Hence, you can achieve your learning/career objectives efficiently.
  • The first stage of the programme is delivered in Singapore, Vietnam and Myanmar, which allows for learning and networking opportunities with overseas counterparts.
  • Our central campus location makes an efficient and convenient commute – which is key, as most have family commitments on top of work.

On completion of the EMBA programme, your management technique and competence will be significantly improved, giving you the skills and confidence for higher level management positions and other employment opportunities.

More course information can be found here.

^Programme fees excludes application fee. *Only applicable for pathway programme to Executive MBA

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