NUS Science Undergraduates Explore TMC Short Course!

You may call yourself a Web Programmer – an apprentice that is – after 30 hours of TMC Academy’s short course: Web Programming and Applications. Conducted over 10 lessons across 3 months, this is a practice-oriented course that adopts a multi-dimensional teaching approach through extensive computer laboratory tasks.


Topics covered:

  • HTML Basics
  • Cascading Style sheets
  • JavaScript Basics
  • Built-in Objects in JavaScript
  • Client Server Technology
  • Introduction to PHP
  • Tracking User Sessions
  • Using Database with PHP


Such is the appeal of our efficient and credible programme, that we’ve received the attention of undergraduates from the National University of Singapore (NUS) Science Computer-Based Learning Centre. Upon request, classes are held every Saturday at the NUS campus, led by Mr. Mohd Razif Ali, Principal Lecturer at TMC School of IT, Digital Media and Mass Communication.

NUS Student Attending Mobile Application Programming Short Course by TMC Academy

We are very pleased to say that the students really enjoyed the classes! We also appreciate the feedback for improvement – this will greatly help us in creating a more wholesome learning experience.

“The trainer is very experienced and approachable. Sometimes, he even takes my questions home to solve and email me to update. My first mobile development class and I enjoyed it very much!”

Candice Goh
Life Sciences, Year 1

“Thanks for the effort to teach us every Saturday. It is pleasant to join this course and to know how to build a mobile-friendly website. Merci beaucoup!”

Chen Yinuo
Business Administration, Year 1

“The web programming and applications course is a helpful tool for beginners in code, and offers multiple practices for each session in coding. Lessons are set at a good pace, and the instructor is approachable. Thank you TMC!”

Dylaine Ho Minh
Life Sciences, Year 1

“The web programming and applications training conducted by TMC is well planned out and easy to follow for beginners. Its course structure is such that it allows beginners to get used to and better understand the basics behind this subject field, before moving on to more difficult topics. The lectures conducted for the training sessions are easy to follow, and ample time is allocated for consults with the lecturer himself. The course is definitely well suited for anyone with no prior knowledge of web and application development and coding (although basic logic will definitely help).

On my personal experience, I felt that the lecturer is knowledgeable and is well prepared for his lessons. He definitely understand the needs of students and is very approachable and helpful. When I had doubts and questions on the materials provided, the lecturer was quick to respond and displays a deep understanding of the topic on hand.”

Chua Wang Heng
Physics, Year 2

“The lessons are short and the basics are easy to pick up as the trainer was very helpful and clear in his instructions. It made understanding about web design much easier. Before I participated in the workshop, I only had a little knowledge on basic coding and scripting. I was only able to make a calculator in a code compiler. Now I can make a calculator that requires a password and churns out colorful letters, even with pictures to go with them, online!”

Lin Chaoyu
Biomedical Engineering, Year 1

“Web programming is a very important skill and I am very glad to participate in this training to know more about html. This training is basically well-organized, but I hope that the slides can include more details to allow us to enhance ourselves after class. The lecturer is helpful, warm-hearted and well-prepared, but if he can provide us with lecture notes or further textbooks it would be nice. One thing I hope that the module can improve on is giving everyone a chance to develop a larger mobile-friendly website together; this might be able to be added to further development of this module

Liang Boyuan
Physics, Year 2

“The workshop is awesome! It helps me in understanding front-end development and securing a research program.”

Huang Xuankun
Computer Engineering, Year 1

“The instructor is knowledgeable and easy to approach for help and there are adequate reading materials provided. However, he can improve on his engagement level and also make his future classes more interactive. Other than that, I have no issues with his teaching.”

Loh Ji Yong Aloysius
Mechanical Engineering, Year 1

“The trainer is very patient with out learning and doubts. The resources and slides given could have been much more detailed with explanations, although they were sufficiently organized.

Lynette Lim Yu You
Life Sciences, Year 1

“The programme was broken down into multiple lessons that spread across a few weeks. Each lesson was very well-planned and easy to understand. Learning was effective and not stressful. The instructor is also very friendly and approachable as he answers our questions and identifies errors in our code. Overall, the workshop has enhanced my web development skills and I find it especially beneficial.”

Wang Yanxun
Statistics, Year 1

“The web training conducted by TMC Academy was really useful and efficient experience for me. I acquired the knowledge of HTML, the application of Java Script in web design. I am able to design a simple web page now which I found very interesting. The conductor Mr. Razif is very responsible and reachable in delivering the knowledge and answering our questions.”

Qu Jia
Quantitative Finance, Year 2

“It was a pleasure to work with Mr. Razif for the Web Programming and Applications Course. The material and exercised shared during lessons were relatively well-structured, sufficiently challenging for beginners such as myself, yet not too demanding to put us off. Mr. Razif has also been extremely patient and helpful with questions, and would like to thank him for his role in my learning journey!

Seth Lee Sheng Chow
Chemistry, Year 1

“I think the class is over all great as it gives me a good exposure to mobile app development. The tutor is good too as he paces the class well and is always helpful to clear our doubts.”

Tay Pei Shan
Chemistry, Year 2

“The training is good and very detailed. The practice session is also fun as I get to play with writing codes. But the slides can be more detailed and have more content.”

Zhang Dijin
Life Sciences, Year 1

“The coach is dedicated and clarifies his lessons well.

Zhou Yang
Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, Year 1

“The lessons are very useful for mobile app development and Mr. Razif prepares the lessons well. He is very approachable and willing to answer all the questions explicitly. The lessons have inspired my interest in mobile app development as well as database management. Thank you TMC Academy for your co-operation!”

Zhu Li
Data Science and Analytics, Year 2

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