An Interview with Hawthorn English Teachers

How is learning at Hawthorn English like – from a teacher’s perspective? We speak with Ms Alison Johnstone and Mr Diego Musitelli, teachers from TMC Academy Hawthorn Language School to find out.

Alison Photo

Ms Alison Johnstone
Senior Teacher, Hawthorn Language School

TMC: Share with us – what’s a typical day in class like?

Alison: Learning English can be challenging, but here at Hawthorn we like to make it fun! A typical day includes lots of communication activities in order to get plenty of opportunity to talk & use the grammar & vocabulary studied. We cover a variety of topics including food & restaurants, world cultures, jobs, travel, shopping, communication & many more.

TMC: What makes learning English at Hawthorn different?

Alison: Learning English at Hawthorn is a unique experience as we are located in one of the safest countries in the world. We offer an excursion every term so you can get to know Singapore better, whilst having fun with students from all over the world.

Classes Experience @ Agents Conference Campus Tour
TMC Academy Hawthorn Excursion @ Chinatown Singapore

Mr Diego Musitelli
Senior Teacher, Hawthorn Language School

TMC: Share an interesting/ unforgettable moment in class.

Diego: Helping students develop their capacity for interacting with other foreign students in class and outside class is one of my priorities. It is always encouraging for a teacher to hear his or her students to put in use what has been learnt in class and materialize a successful conversation with other people.

TMC: What’s the trick in learning the English language, or any other language?

Diego: Be consistent. It is surprising how much of a new language you can learn in just a few days. It’s equally surprising how much you can forget in just a few days! Language learning is one of those things where it’s much better to do a little each day instead of a lot every once in a while. You will learn much more if you spend thirty minutes studying everyday rather than eight hours once a week.

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