Hawthorn English Weekend Fun!

Hello, students from Anubansongkhla School!

Last weekend, we welcomed a group of students from Thailand who are on their Singapore Study Field Trip. With only 3 hours with our Hawthorn English teacher, Mr Alexander, our little troopers were in for a highly interactive lesson filled with group discussions and presentations.

Thai Student Holiday English Class
You won't become an English master within 3 hours, but you will definitely master English better than before!
Thai Student Holiday English Group Discussion
Interactive activities are often the most effective way to practice your English Language.
Thai Student Holiday English Group Photo
Sawadikap little champs from Thailand! Holiday are the seasons of games & English! Have fun playing, have fun studying!

Following after, a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signing ceremony took place in our lecture theatre.  The MoU recognises the start of a long-term working partnership between both schools and we are looking forward to host more students in the future!