Students Awards Ceremony

Yet another school term has ended and we have new students to congratulate on their excellent effort in school! Ms Esther Lee, Academic Director, presented the certificates to our Foundation Diploma graduates and, Top Module Scorers of Professional Diploma and Higher Diploma students. Our Student of the Month awards were also presented during the ceremony.


Amongst the group, we identified some students who were interviewed before! Here’s what they have to say about studying at TMC Academy:

Chen Yinting
Higher Diploma in Hospitality and Tourism Management

The reason why I chose to study at TMC is because of the nice environment and they have strong partnerships with universities in other countries. The lecturers and student support staff are very nice and patient; especially Miss Jai and Mr Raymond who always shows me concern and solve my problems in studies and life. After completing my Higher Diploma, I will go to Switzerland to continue my bachelor degree and to the UK for my Master Degree.

Choki Yonten
Higher Diploma in Psychology with Counselling

With rapid urbanization in Bhutan, there is a growing concern of the psychological wellbeing of the public. The authorities realise the acute need of health professionals like counselors to maintain the mental wellbeing of the people. Since I have been working as health professional over 12 years, I was nominated to undergo this additional course on counselling to address the new challenges in the health care setting.

I have chosen TMC Academy after going through online search. I was inspired by the history of TMC Academy and its student testimonials. Moreover, I learnt that the school is working in partnership with many renowned overseas universities and I sense it will be a great place for me to study.

After arriving in the school, I find the course content and its timing quite balanced. The teaching skills were beyond my expectation. Lecturers are friendly, helpful and have unique ways in dealing with students. I am very much impressed with my lecturers’ teaching style and grateful for supporting me during my entire education journey in TMC Academy in Singapore.

After completion of my course, since I have a clinical background, I will be working in the hospital as a counselor and will be engaging in community services as well have close collaboration with mental health programmes and other volunteers. The knowledge I gain from this course will definitely help me to provide psychosocial support to the community.

Doris Woon
Professional Diploma in Accounting and Finance

I find that my job opportunities are stagnant and decided to take on part-time studies to further upgrade my skills and knowledge. There is no limit to studies and I want to prove that even as a mature student, I can still perform as well as my peers in exams. During my Statistics module, I have a very helpful lecturer, Mr. Ashok Kumar, who always starts his lectures an hour earlier for mature students to catch up and also prepare extra assessment work for us to practice.

We hope to encourage more students to perform well in their exams and assignments. See you at the next award ceremony!