nEbO Youth Entrepreneurship Symposium 2018

In the 2018 edition of nEbO’s Youth Entrepreneurship Symposium, our Foundation Diploma in Tertiary Studies and Business students were given the opportunity to engage with homegrown entrepreneurs through a series of keynote presentations, dialogues, quick business pitch and networking.

Our group of students presented their business idea titled ‘Autism Sensory’ in the Quick Pitch segment, to a panel of judges. With the motto of ‘Improving Lives – One Space at a Time’, Autism Sensory is a safe space created for autistic individuals and their families to ‘escape’ during meltdowns, as they realised that there are not many facilities in Singapore that cater to this group of people. The business pitch included details like objectives, budgeting and marketing initiatives.

It was a tough competition with the other participating schools and it was definitely a close fight. Let’s hear what our students have to share!

From the left: R Abiramy, Xiao YanXuan, Jasmine Wong, Freya Anne Macdougall

“I learnt a lot from this competition. I learnt all about business ideas, like how to make a presentation more appealing for you future investors. I also learned how to better improve myself and not to give up easily. If a business fails, it does not mean the person has failed. I would like to thank TMC Academy for giving me a chance to take part in YES 2018.”

– R Abiramy @ Nur Zahayra

“This event is a very good experience. Through the speeches and sharing of entrepreneurs in different fields, I learned about the basic needs and processes of entrepreneurship from various aspects. At the same time, I learned the general business model of the company, the development of the market, etc.

I’m inclined towards a job in hotel management. This event has given me a general understanding of a company’s operations and consumer needs. This is very helpful for a beginner in management. By using the knowledge gained, I can better communicate with clients and integrate into working groups in the future to be a better hotel manager. “

– Xiao YanXuan

“I learned that the road to success is not smooth, but rocky – with lots of ups and downs and turns. With the knowledge I’ve gained, I can remind myself that it is okay to have failures but to always persevere as there is always the end of the road where success is.”

– Jasmine Wong

“Coming for the event, I never thought about having my own business – yet I learnt so much from this experience. Someone can create something so incredible from as little as nothing. From the event I do want to pursue my own business if I get the chance. It would be incredible to raise awareness for causes whilst creating better lives for people.”

– Freya Anne Macdougall

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